3 Week Itinerary Advice: Aurangabad, Delhi/Jaipur/Agra, Munnar, Varkala

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I am making my first trip to India in a few weeks. For my first 3 months I will be in Nagpur and then in December have 3 weeks to travel.

I was wondering if anyone has advice on my tentative itinerary:

Nagpur to Aurangabad - stay 3 days/2 nights to visit Ellora, Ajanta, and any other sites I have time to see

Aurangabad to Delhi - planning to book a 6 day/5 night tour of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra

Delhi fly to Kochi bus to Munnar - 3 days/2 nights in Munnar

Munnar to Alleppey - houseboat to Kollam

Kollam to Varkala - 4 days in Varkala, day trip(s) to Trivandrum and surrounding areas

A few questions I have:

1. Is a tour for Delhi, Jaipur, Agra a good idea or should I try it on my own?

2. I am struggling between booking everything in advance and booking less in order to leave myself freedom to explore places I don't find until I'm there, especially in Kerala. Is it better to book ahead for December?

3. I was looking into wildlife sanctuaries but after going through the forums it looks like December is not a great time for wildlife spotting in southern India. I can go to the sanctuaries near Nagpur and skip going during my 3 weeks traveling. Any advice?

4. My trip right now does not add up to 3 weeks, I'm trying to decide where I should spend more time, I was thinking of spending a night and day in Kochi, any other places I should add or stay longer?

All advice is appreciated!

Thank you
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* Delhi - Agra - Jaipur can be done on your own since the public transportatation is pretty good (by road as well as trains).
* December will be peak season in most places. Hence booking in advance might make sense. Or at least in the popular places. You have time to plan and finalize an itinerary.
* Bandhavgarh National Park is great in December. You will spot tigers if you manage to do 3-4 safaris.
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On the plus side, at least you're not trying to add Goa to your Itinerary.

But I had to laugh when I read

My trip right now does not add up to 3 weeks, I'm trying to decide where I should spend more time
I even got out a map and showed my Girlfriend what your planning, she had said that we're travelling a bit too often on our 3 week trip in November, and to put things into perspective, we wont be leaving Kerala during those 3 weeks.

I suggest you reconsider going to both north and south, maybe the caves and the north, or Hampi and the south (there's a reasonably timed train from Nagpur to Guntakal that only runs on a Tuesday and Thursday, from Guntakal, it's not too far to Hampi).
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Thanks 10yearitch and steven_ber for your tips. I looked into Bandhavgarh and it looks great, I'm thinking I should rearrange my itinerary a bit and could add it in. Alternatively, do you think it is feasible as a small 2-3 day trip from Nagpur?

I know I'm trying to squeeze too much into 3 weeks, there's just so much to see it's difficult to choose! I was thinking the beginning of the trip would be hectic with a lot of moving around and then once I got to Kerala I would slow down a bit. But your advice to pick north or south will probably allow me to enjoy the 3 weeks more and the places that I visit --- I have some thinking to do!

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