2 Weeks 4 Cities - Advice Needed
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2 Weeks 4 Cities - Advice Needed

HI everyone this is my first time traveling to India. I have travelled Thailand/Malaysia before is India a tougher travel?

I would love to hear what people opinions and suggestions are on this itinerary I have made. Is this too fast or just right for the amount of time I have? I don't want to be waiting to leave a place because I have seen what is there but I don't want to be run off my feet and not have enough time to see anything and not enjoy it either.


Day 1 (Thurs) - Leave Toronto International airport
Day 2 (FRI)- Arrive Calcutta Late 10:20PM (Meet Hotel at airport)
Day 3 (SAT)- Sleep in until 11am or 12 am Calcutta Tourism
Day 4 (SUN)- Calcutta Tourism / Leaving on Darjeeling Mail to New Japaiguri (Night Train) 22:05

Day 5 (MON) - Arrive 8Am @ New Jalpaiguri ***Toy Train( I really want to ride the coal steam train!)***
-New Jalpaiguri - Kurseong (Train 53541- Leaves 9am Arrives Kurseong 13:25)
-Kurseong - Darjeeling (Train 52545 - Leaves 15:00 - Arrives Darjeeling 17:50

Day 6 (Tues) - ***Backup Travel Day*** or Darjeeling (If we are in Darjeeling- Tourism: Tea Plantations)

Day 7 (WED)- Darjeeling Tourism

Day 8 (THU)- Darjeeling Toy Train to New Jalpaiguri

-Darjeeling - New Jalpaiguri - (Train 52545)
 -Taxi 50KM? to Bagdogra Airport from New Jalpaiguri

Option #1


Day 9 (FRI) - Bagdogra - Goa (Plane)

Day 10 (SAT) - Goa Tourism

Day 11 (SUN) - Goa Tourism

Day 12 (MON) - Goa Tourism 

Day 13 (TUE) - Goa to New Delhi (Plane)


Option #2

Day 9 (FRI) - Bagdogra - Mumbai (Plane)

Day 10 (SAT) - Mumbai Tourism

Day 11 (SUN) - Mumbai Tourism

Day 12 (MON) - Mumbai Tourism 

Day 13 (TUE) - Mumbai to New Delhi (Train)

-Mumbai to New Delhi - 2951/2952 -Rajdhani Express (17 Hours - AC2
$50CAD. Each)


Day 14 (WED) - New Delhi Tourism
Day 15 (THU) - New Delhi>Agra - Taj Mahal Day Tour
Day 16 (FRI) - Agra>New Delhi
Day 17 (SAT) - New Delhi Tourism
Day 18 (SUN) - New Delhi > Hong Kong (plane - departs 23:15)

Day 19 (MON) Hong Kong
Day 20 (TUE) Hong Kong
Day 21 (WED) Hong Kong
Day 22 (THU) Hong Kong
Day 23 (FRI) Hong Kong
Day 24 (SAT) Leaving Hong Kong > Toronto
Day 25 (SUN) Arriving in Toronto

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I think your itinerary looks doable if you're going to fly to Goa or Mumbai.

Do places like Varanasi interest you? Or Kolkata? Or Khajuraho?
There's so many places to visit in between Darjeeling and Delhi or better still Agra it seems a shame to fly to Goa or Mumbai.
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I have honestly not done enough research on those cities. I just thought I needed an idea for an itinerary in order to book a flight. I am flying into Kolkata Late April 2011. So things could definitely change. What does everyone suggest.? I have heard that the beaches in Goa do not compare to Thailand/Malaysia. If that is true then I think seeing more of the cultural side of india being food/people/trains would better suit my trip. I will be traveling with my gf. So we would just like to have a good time meet people along the way. We both love indian food, trekking, caves, live theatre, musicals, shopping/bazzars. What are some of the hot spots I could fit into this trip aside from the must see's on my list so far which are:

Darjeeling Toy Train
Darjeeling Tea Plantation's

Agra Taj Mahal

Mumbai (Victoria Terminus I think this will pretty much be a picture thats it??)
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Kolkata, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Orchha, Ranthambhore / Sunderbans (if you like wildlife).

I'd say that some of the beaches can easily rival Thailand for the beach part, but I'm not sure about coral for scuba-diving etc. Of course there's the Andamans and the Lakshadweeps but don't even think about them for this trip.
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