2 months in India

#1 Aug 27th, 2003, 18:26
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Aug 2003
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I am going to india for 2 months (jan and feb) with another girl. Any suggestions on an itinerary? would love to hear where is worth going and what to avoid.

Need some serious direction......... thanks
#2 Aug 27th, 2003, 18:59
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Right then get your guide book out as these are rough outline itineries!!!
Fly into Delhi- Bharatpur (using this as a base you can see Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Deeg, Mathura,) Bharatpur-Agra-Jhansi-Orcha- Kujarhao- Khanna National park, Varanasi-Puri-Konark- Kolkota- Siliguri-Darjeeling-siliguri- Delhi- home!!
Fly into Mumbia- Aurangebad- Ellora/Ajanta caves-Pune-Goa (see north goa and old historic Goa on the Mandovi river)-Cochin-back waters-Munnar-Kodiakanal-Madurai-Ramaswarem- Mahaballipuram-Chennai- (you may run out of time here but the train is available direct to Mumbia)-Goa-Hampi Mumbia-home!!
These are only a few ideas on what you can do in two months the possibilities are endless of course. I have tried to accomodate a bit of everthing with these tours, culture, religion, scenery, and of course a bit of beach time!!
Take a look at these ideas and the other posts I'm sure will follow this, then get back to us with plan A ( there will of course be a plan B,C,D,and E, but we'll come to that later)
Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your trip, you've already made a good start by posting here, all the good souls here provide info based on nearly 40 years of travel on the sub continent!!!
Armed with this "knowledge" travel will certainly be a lot easier!!!
Look forward to hearing your plan A
#3 Aug 28th, 2003, 08:13
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Are you able to travel to the North : Daramasala, Shimla in Jan and Feb?? Or are the roads closed?
#4 Aug 28th, 2003, 14:54
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You would be very unlucky to find either of these roads closed in Jan/Feb. Normally the weather should be clear and sunny with the nights quite cool and good views of the high Himalayas.

Weather systems do form over the Himalayas in winter and it can turn wet and cold for a few days at a time with snowfalls in the higher hill stations. This year in February we had quite a few cloudy and wet days and had to change our travel plans. We weren't able to travel directly from Chamba to Mussoorie as the road was blocked by snow. According to the locals though this was very unusual for February.

If you encounter these kind of conditions you can always buy some warm clothing fairly cheaply or alternatively head back down to the plains - it's only a few hours bus journey.
#5 Aug 29th, 2003, 04:09
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There's a train to Shimla.
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