1 month budget backpacking trip in June suggestions? (india/nepal)
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1 month budget backpacking trip in June suggestions? (india/nepal)

My friend and I are planning a budget-style trip to India and nepal this June (we are both 18). We plan to travel for about a month (maybe more). We understand how hot it will be, and know we will mostly be limited to northern India. Suggestions on where to go/itinerary for an India-Nepal trip? Additionally, even though it will be extremely hot, is it worth visiting Rajasthan?

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The hill states in North India i.e. Himachal / Uttranchal / J&K are quite comfortable in summers. The higher the elevation the colder it gets. Infant, certain roads and treks are accessible only during summers (May-Oct). However in June, hoards of people / families from Indian plains make a beeline to the usual tourist destinations in these states. This makes them overcrowded, loud, very dirty and usually not worth visiting. Off the beaten track is usually a better option. However, that choice is yours to make. Sometimes the monsoons are early in India (JUne) which might mess up the road infrastructure in these states. Just a few things to keep in mind if you are visiting the hills.
I think your travel plan is in an alpha phase. Search the forums / read the existing posts and come back with more concrete questions.
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Something I've always wanted to do, which can be achieved with a double entry visa and return flights to Delhi (much cheaper than flying in/out of Nepal) is;

Jammu and Kashmir
Srinagar to leh/Ladakh
Bus down to Manali
Overland cross to Nepal

Then travel across Nepal

Overland back in to India near Bodh Gaya
Agra (Taj Mahal)
Delhi (and home)

Don't have exact entry exit points to hand but I know it can be done as have researched it previously.

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Do bear in mind the travel limitations in the mountains, and all of Nepal. Bus travel in the mountains is time consuming and exhausting. I think your itinerary would be better served skipping Nepal this trip.
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my friend wants to avoid kashmir due to the recent unrest. where would be a good place to go instead?
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Mancityman . . . the unrest in Kashmir is not "recent" . . . in '82 (my first trip to India) I skipped it because of "unrest" ;) It is a unrestful place. I too would skip Nepal, too much in India (got some mountains there too :) ) to see. Rajasthan would be HOT in summer, while everyplace else (except the mountains) are HOT and HUMID. I once went to Varanasi for six months specifically FOR monsoon . . . I liked it, particularly because no one else (but the locals) were there. On that Varanasi trip the real rain didn't start til late July, though the humidity started (for me) in early May.

You also say you're on a "budget-style" trip . . . we're all on budgets . . . what's yours?
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