Tracing my ANCESTORS
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All the Hindus go to varanasi for the last rites of deceased ones. Go to varanasi, ask anyone on the street where you can meet pandits who keep ancestral records, show them the details you mentioned above... remember the modern spellings are lalgunj and Ranchi ... you will be directed to the right pandit who will have these records sometimes often dating back to few hundred years, remember to bring along the names of your ancestors for few generations (which you can search through records in your Mauritius). For a small fee they will give you complete geneaology, also you can update the details of subsequent generations since your last ancestor updated the register before they left India, for that bring details of offsprings and their future generations of your first common ancestor in Mauritius e.g. their names, age, date of birth, place of residence including details of the person they married and children they produced, this will be useful for our future generations.

Check this out for more details ... HINDU GENEALOGY REGISTER AT VARANASI...wikipedia

Try Varanasi register first (more extensive and closer to Ranchi), if still no luck then try HARIDWAR and KURUKSHTRA registers
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All the Hindus go to varanasi for the last rites of deceased ones.

I heard Varanasi is a bit crowded, but ALL the Hindus?! How do they fit?!
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There are other places as well for North Indians, Gaya ji, for example, which are closer to Ranchi. I am not aware of them, but there would be other places in South India. Nashik must be one of them for Maharashtrians.
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