GPS in India?
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Hey Napster,
Sygic MapmyIndia is now a free app for Android handsets. They had good maps supported my MapmyIndia until recently. However, Sygic's arrangement with MapmyIndia seems to have ended a month or so ago, as announced by MapmyIndia. The later have launched Navimaps, which is a freemium map, and available in Google Play for free (3 day trial and pay to use premium features). Quality of Navimaps is not yet tested, but should be good considering the past track record.
However, Sygic has today updated the maps and so if you have Sygic MapmyIndia, you can continue to use them.
Lastly, Google Maps are quite good and constantly updated. You can safely use them for India-wide navigation, especially in major cities.
Hope this information helps. Happy touring!!
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There has been a problem of late with compatibility. I have two Sygic installations on my phone, one to use it in India, and the other to use for other countries. The format of the maps for India didn't keep pace with the other maps.

You can safely use them for India-wide navigation, especially in major cities.

I think that the requirement here is for more than street navigation, and certainly outside major cities.

Again, I don't use Google Maps on the go because I don't want to pay for a data link, and I find that caching is very unreliable.
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Navimaps is widely scorned in the US. But, it was adopted as GPS companies switched to lifetime maps:(..
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GPS in India?

Apple Maps!

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If still searching, try Nokia Here Offline maps.
Excellent details,and free download.

You could also try Telenav Scout of Navmii. Both run on OSM.
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need to know abt this

Originally posted by: d.real.napster View Post

I have seen the threads.... They look like a little old though...

I also saw mapmyindia but it seems like an expensive solution to begin with.. :D

i was in search of a GPS solution for car and came up with this on ebay
sorry for posting links but anyone tried it before? The seller is offering fREE map my india maps of 2015
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anyone tried ebay india gps ? these are non branded. seller says mapmyindia 2015 maps he give me.
plz advice
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Don't buy. Either get a phone and install MapMyIndia or Here Maps or Google Maps for get the MapMyIndia device.
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