My First Solo Trip to India

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In a perfect world I would take a few months off, see the world, but the realistic side of life always gets in the way.

But as a "recon mission" a week was perfect and whatever unfinished business there was is being continued thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

Will I go back again? Oh yes. Will I continue to tell tall tales of my "brothers" in Jaipur and my adventures in India? Of course, it opened new doors, new friends, career opportunities... My colleagues helped inspire me to go in the first place, contributed in their own special ways to make it happen.

One day they'll "send" me back again to Rajasthan which is the stuff of their fantasies

And tall tales... (Link to my blog, "A lost sheep in Delhi")
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Nice blog, keep it up.

Almost felt like a school teacher typing the above.
Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off.
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Thanks for sharing your experience! It was very enjoyable to read
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Thank you. The adventures of the lost sheep would continue soon.

Chennai is the next destination and the hometown of some of my favourite colleagues, whom I helped in small ways to encourage them to rise up on their own and find a better place of employment.

When they saw I was trying not to end up like Queen Padmavati they asked me to apply for a job, no details given, no opening needed just walk in to a totally "desi" company where the hiring manager frankly told me he was staying up late and possibly causing dissatisfaction in the family....

I assured him no, please, it won't happen.
I went to the next interview in Indian dress and told my story. I didn't even tie my hair, I was already being called Kali in Delhi, might as well look the part, no?

I just signed the employment contract last week... I think I'm the only non Indian in the entire company so let's see how it goes. If it works out, this is my gateway to Chennai for my birthday in October 😂

This was my last wish made at Fatehpur Sikri. While some say it's a manufactured made up ritual, that place is dear to me.

I didn't recognize my shoes after spending an hour to myself in a hidden room at Jodhabai's palace. And I still have problems with balance and fell over in front of friends for no reason like I'm a different person.

Or so the story is told, to my colleagues husband's and kids 😂
They seem to be writing the story of a past life for me, it would be duty to go and find them in Chennai 😂
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Originally Posted by Drews60 View Post New doctor yesterday
New disease yesterday

I feel good but doubt I'll be back to India in 2018
We have not seen Drews60 (the OP) since September 2017. I loved the warmth and enthusiasm of his reports and sincerely hope he is well.
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Originally Posted by Drews60 View Post I had another great day in India, starting with my morning chai at a stall the locals congregate at.

I had my first auto rickshaw ride going to the New Delhi train station. I've been hearing those haunting train horns mornings. I had to check the place out. Actually, I was finding my way for tomorrows train.

I located the platform and certainly appreciate the electronic signage marking the position on the train carriages. That was a prime concern of mine. But they made it easy. My knee didn't fail me tackling the stairs leading up to the walkway and down to the platforms.

I walked from my hotel down the length of the Main Bazaar road and back again. No touts bothered me. It kind of made me mad. Why were just the youngers guys being pestered by the guys selling hash and marijuana? It just saved me from having to say no. But still!

When preparing for this trip a lot of people pointed out how bad Pahar Ganj is. I find it nothing but interesting. No problems at all.

I got to use my first public urinal. Ladies, you aren't missing a thing. I think they get flushed annually and ths one was just on week 50. Whew what a stench.

I haven't seen mosquito one. And just one or two flies.

It seems every minute in India is a Kodak minute. I've missed so many good shots fumbling around getting my camera powered up.

I ate at Malhotra, across from my hotel. I had tandoori lamb. So delicious and the stray dog feasted on the bones. I think I made a friend.

Time to pack and get ready for tomorrow's trip to Amritsar.
Wonderful post. I hope things didn't change much since 2012
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Originally Posted by DianaDawson View Post Wonderful post. I hope things didn't change much since 2012
Having been born and raised in India, one thing I can say is that the pace of change has been increasing in India. At first the change was not very noticeable, except in prices, re appearance of Coke and Pepsi, then fast food establishments. Neither Indians, nor tourists "consumed" modern electronic services such as SIM and mobile phones.

Visa rules, rules governing sale of SIM cards and their validity change but a tourists is confronted with a a mix or rules, old/outdated and new since vendors might not always be familiar with the rules and how to apply them.

Except for changes necessitated by technology and Indian love for bureaucracy, I think, there is much that remains a constant for a tourist in India if their path doesn't intersect with unsavoury characters--at least that's what I hope too for my next trip to India, especially since I have no close family left in India anymore.

Honestly, I find traveling in many countries easier than I found it to be during my trips to India in 2010 and 2011.
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