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AusE Jun 5th, 2010 10:23

How to post a parcel?
Hi going home for a bit to fatten up in the pastures and freeze my rear end off, and need to send a few things. I am going to try India Post :rolleyes::D:D:D

So can someone please tell me what exactly I need to do??!!

I know that the parcels need to be cloth-wrapped etc, but read something about an inspection slit, and is a packing list/customs declaration required? If yes, what's the required wording?


machadinha Jun 5th, 2010 10:35

Look around at the post office if there are any parcel packers wallah dude kinda guys around (or ask some of the customers inside), some larger ones may feature them inside (so it will probably pay to head for a GPO or so anyway, some smaller ones in some smaller places may protest they don't deal with international mail. I think they all should, but they may not want the hassle and with someone they can barely communicate with, or so, I guess.)

If not and again notably by any main post offices, they may be hanging around outside.

If not, some nearby shops (of whatever nature, usually the ubiquitous one-size-fits-all convencience kind of stores, or perhaps an STD or so) may advertise that they'll do it for you.

If not, some tailors anywhere in town may do it for you.

They'll pack and sew it up as required, and including all the necessary paperwork (or, if just a tailor or so, I guess the paperwork you may then have to get done at the post office itself. The clerk there will hand you those papers and tell you what to do.) The whole process may take the usual half hour/hour I guess :) (Excluding the getting it sent, of course, which may well take you as long again, if not longer. If you have a guy doing it at the post office, you may be so lucky that he'll then whisk you past any multiple queues.)

They'll charge you a few hundred Rupees or so for the packing, or maybe I got royally ripped off each time, what do I know.

Note I believe (but am never quite sure) there still exists book mail, at a favorable rate. So if so and you have a bunch of books to send, it may pay to have those packed separately. It should not contain anything but printed matter.

newislander Jun 5th, 2010 10:38

Ok so you are in Delhi so its very easy to do this. Are you in Pahar Ganj? If so its even easier. In fact I suggest you go down there to do this chore.

Take your gear down to PG. There's an arcade on the left coming from the new delhi station end. The arcade/lane is after the big square and after the Shelton guesthouse. Look for a sign that says Ajays If you can't see, just ask peopel first to direct you to the shelton and then after that to Ajays.

In that lane, almost opposite ajays are some parcel packing shops. they do a good job. I just got my parcel. They will do it all for you. I suggest you take your gear already somewhat packaged, either in a plastic bag or you can buy one of those nylon bags on main bazaar if you have a heavy parcel. They cost about 40-50 rupees. The bags are stripey so you know what i mean.

Take along your passport, if you need a copy you can get a photocopy somewhere around there. They will wrap it for you. Their rates are reasonable.

Write on your parcel registered post so that you get it sent that way. I forgot to write that but i know I paid for it so my parcel wasn't registered. It arrived anyway but there you go.

AusE Jun 5th, 2010 10:48

Thanks for your help!

Sorry newislander, I am living in denial and actually stay in Gurgaon, but I appreciate your reply.

There was a nice man at the Galleria post office yesterday who told me the rates, will post those up once I'm done. Of course he didn't know who/where could wrap parcels for me ;) but I'll go back and have hunt around.

Do those vacuum space storage bag thingies exist here? I

machadinha Jun 5th, 2010 11:03

Ah ps at the post office, you'll finally end up with a slip regarding the transaction you just made.

Study this. My last parcel I guess they had misread "Amsterdam" and so had been about it to send it off to Australia. Wonder if that would've ever arrived... (and if so, how much later) :rolleyes: :D (I did once receive an overdue poste restante letter to me from Varanasi, a year after the fact (!), so there you go. I hate to think of the sheer paperwork that must've gone into that one...)

AusE Jun 5th, 2010 17:42

hahahahaha...I did wonder yesterday if he thought I said Austria instead of Australia.....

machadinha Jun 5th, 2010 17:59

Heheh. Do check; then double- and triple-check for good measure ;) (but isn't that usually the case in a place like India anyway).

btw The postal services there has a good website and including rates and stuff:; but instead of breaking your head over that I'd say just head over there and pay what you have to. Registered and speed post and stuff will cost you more, of course; as you would anywhere, I'd just let it depend on what you're sending.

I hear terrible stuff about parcels being sent to there (as in never arriving or with all the relevant goods missing); my stuff has always arrived to me going back home, though. But then I usually send stuff I could do without if needs be, basically superfluous clothes and books and knickknacks, indeed. I can't say on sending stuff out of there I hear too many (if any) bad stories on it, period. Stuff that's really worth something to you you'd logically might want to keep on you, no doubt.

suricate Jun 5th, 2010 23:26


Originally Posted by AusE (Post 980150)
...I did wonder yesterday if he thought I said Austria instead of Australia.....

The likelihood of that ever happening would be far less than it would be in the reverse situation, Australia being a far more familiar name in India than Austria is (a factor of 100:1 wouldn't surprise me).

BitchesBrew Jun 6th, 2010 00:07

AusE/Mach, could someone please post the costs? Rough estimates would do.

I am about to go away and become a student in UK - but would like to send a few personal belongings as parcels... Wondering how much it's going to cost.

machadinha Jun 6th, 2010 00:59

I already gave the link:; see namely here:

BitchesBrew Jun 6th, 2010 07:25

Thanks. I was getting a page load error last time I checked but it seems fine now.

AusE Jun 6th, 2010 10:17

I was quoted around rs5500 for 20kg or rs7100 for 20kg depending on which type of postage. Can only imagine would be cheaper to the UK

machadinha Jun 6th, 2010 12:44


Originally Posted by AusE (Post 980526)
I was quoted around rs5500 for 20kg or rs7100 for 20kg depending on which type of postage.

That sounds most reasonable; I'm quite sure I've sent a lot less for not a lot less money. (But, that would be to Australia? That's a little cheaper actually I think than to Europe.)

It leads to a good note on postal rates: By all accounts, sea mail has been abandoned in India some years ago.

Your best bet (for sending international parcels economically) would now seem to be what they call surface-air lifted (SAL); as the name suggests, this would be a combination of land and air (and possibly sea?) transport, by whatever should work out as the most cost-effective. (Basically, by land in country of origin and destination, and air inbetween, I think.)

Now as noted I've usually been paying more than I think I might have; it stands to reason it may naturally be assumed as a foreigner you want to send your mail by speed post, or registered or insured or whatever. Or that one decently English-speaking (or undercrowded) counter that you're directed to may happen to conveniently also be the speed post one, or something.

Earlier this year, I spoke to a guy who assured me that with some pushing on, he had in fact managed to get a far more reasonable-sounding, and in fact economical, rate than what I'd been getting by comparison. I nonetheless always stressed that I didn't need any speed post or anything, but as noted, I suppose that won't necessarily mean that's what you'll get.

So anyway the moral of the story is, persist and persist and you might just get the actual best rate :) Checking with the above postal site first would then in fact be a good idea, to have some idea of what you should be looking at.

Kingstonian Jun 6th, 2010 13:28

(I've just moved this thread from the chai-and-chat forum to India for beginners - any other preferences/better ideas, please say :))

BitchesBrew Jun 6th, 2010 14:39

Thanks for the detailed note. Being the brown man I am, I'm sure I'll be offered the el-cheapo mode first.

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