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#16 Apr 9th, 2005, 14:23
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There is not much you can do! Twelve months and four days after my return I am leaving once more for India, on Friday, and actually dreading it, because I too can only stay a month! Already thinking about how to get back again!
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Hi jennyg,
Just think how good your second trip will be because this time there'll be none of the initial anxiety about what to expect when you get there.In fact,as you're already experiencing you'll have a great sense of anticipation of new wonders and experiences that can only be fulfilled by..... you know(now).
#18 Apr 9th, 2005, 22:31
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Hi Jenny!
You'll go back and you'll keep going back. I am planning my next trip (3rd time) but this time I'm taking some professional camera equipment with me to shoot the Tibetan community in Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj. Was there last October - just one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Ah, the incense, the bells, marron-ochered robed monks, the monkeys, the smiles, Tibetan Incantations' 'Om Mani Padme Hum' chant everywhere and, yes, last but not least, the incredible Himalayas in the distance!!!

Ahhhhhh, cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#19 Apr 10th, 2005, 07:36
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Jenny I can totally relate. I got back at the end of January after 3 months there and it took me AT LEAST a good month to get over my disappointment of being back home. I have to say I was pretty unhappy when I returned home, not that it's so bad here but because I wanted to be back in India so badly. Everything here seemed so dull, orderly and too perfect compared to life in India and no-one I knew could even begin to understand my passion for the place which just made it even harder. I honestly felt like a fish out of water when I got back home, it's like my body was here but I left my soul there!! It was my first visit too and I was hooked within 24 hours.

But then I found this website thankfully I've been advised the only cure is a return visit which I'm currently plotting for October. I really can't afford it, but I'll be scraping every dollar together and will probably even sell my car to finance another few (maybe 6) months of adventure. I'll come back broke again but I don't care So in the meantime hire lots of bollywood films, go see Bride and Prejudice, chat to any Indian person you see on the street , live on Indian takeaway, play those Indian cd's, pour over your photos, walk around the house in your sari and ankle bells....just don't wear them down to supermarket! Hang in there, if you really want it, you'll find a way to get back there.
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Same here, Jenny. I visited India first time in January last year, am going there second time in a few days (on 13th from Japan to Delhi, my heart is pounding) , and already have made a plan for the third in Jan or Feb next year.

Your encounter with the tiger (you're the poster of the tiger thread, right?) will definitely make a friend of mine who is a zoo keeper green with envy!
#21 Apr 11th, 2005, 12:11
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you guys make me feel so good.
i have a Rajasthan fixation, too.
i am already planning my trip to Rajasthan (5th time) for October!
can't wait!
#22 Apr 11th, 2005, 21:49
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Thanks everyone for your awesome replies! It is an addiction. I cant wait to go back. I am thinking Decemberish.... so we will see. Everything is too normal here now and boring. I miss everything, I even wish I was back on a hellish 6 hour taxi drive with horns blaring in my ears, dust pouring in through the window irritating my eyes and nose but its the only way for some breeze since the car had no A/C and I was dying of heat and also having the worst diarrhea cramps of my life. yeah I wish I was there right now instead of this stupid office.
#23 Apr 11th, 2005, 21:50
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oh yeah and yes Sonomama that was my tiger post!
#24 Apr 14th, 2005, 10:29
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Off to Japan in May -already planning India for October

jennyg-the symptoms you're displaying are quite normal, OK! As normal as any Indian lover! Best wishes for a speedy return to India, for you!
#25 Apr 14th, 2005, 11:13
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Originally Posted by SHIMLA Great !

Time flies; and before you know it, you'll be back in India !
Sorry SHIMLA, but time positively drags, and logging on to Indiamike each day merely prolongs the agony.
#26 Apr 17th, 2005, 19:51
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What going and coming back did to me...?

Hi ya all who are aching to go back.

This is a longish thread but to write helps me !

I got back 25th March and life was quite boring couple of weeks after that. Was there only for 3 weeks - but that did it for me - bigtime! I realized that I have to go back to see more, but I have to work for a year before that is possible. Awful! Depressing! Frustrating! Reality bites. So... I was depressed and dissapointed and nobody understood me at work or at home (!!!eventhough my boyfriend was with me in India!!! he didn't get bitten) .

Well, after that I started thinking that MAYBE I could work in India and combine reality and dream. Then I realized that there MAYBE are also many other places around the world where I could work or at least travel sometime. I didn't know what to do. Then I noticed the most important thing: I was just daydreaming - those thoughts were never going to come true if I would not take them seriously.

Problem/reason why I was so unhappy was that I didn't have a proper direction - before going to India I had been really stressed and my only goal was to go there. Now journey had ended and nothing had replaced the meaning it had to me. I was unhappy because I didn't know where I was going and had no true goals. Only pointless daydreaming.

Then I just listed my dreams into goals/lessons and many things have changed after that:

goal/lesson 1 = do things that make you happy... order to implement that you have to really think what makes you happy. I noticed that many people cannot specify what is it that makes them happy. Well, for me it definitely is travelling... After that I made a list of places where I could go within 10 years and I'm determined to visit these places. Next place is china - planning has allready started towards the great wall. *Feeling a bit better!

goal/lesson 2 = life is not only big dreams and big things...
...I should also know how to enjoy the sunshine today and here - be happy of everyday small things. Only seeing my friends or eating a good meal makes me happy now - this is hard to remember but it is possible. *Again feeling slightly better!

goal/lesson 3 = you have to work for success...
...and in order to get money to make your dreams true. Nobody said that life is easy, fact for me is that I have to accept that I will have to work in order to get money to travel - there's no easy solution. BUT I can choose if I enjoy my work and pursue a position that gets better paid. * Now feeling realistic but a lot better!

goal/lesson 3 =you have to have courage to live today...
...I really started thinking of moving abroad, I have always wanted to do this but never done anything for it to come true. Why? What was I waiting - retirement? I went through lots of information and noticed that it is not impossible - in fact therer are many possibilities. *After this I was feeling great!

So, what India did to me was that it opened my mind IN TOTAL.
Now I'm happier than before, going to switch workplace to an international company with loads of possibilities to work abroad and I have a wonderful journey coming + it is possible to enjoy life everyday through small things!!!

Of course this change was propably waiting around the corner anyway, but somehow I think India opened my mind: Live today! I know that some people think that this is just too positive bullshit - but try it and you will be surprised - Karma laws or something...

Just wanted to write these feelings to you - hope we'll meet someday in India or when pursuing other dreams!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf the grey
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thats wonderful
for me too, it was a whole personal growth and understanding what I want to get out of life.

with your new direction in life!
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If JennyG should change her name to jennyji, the Suitcase should change to Guruji! All good stuff

Hey: why no Namascaram smile? If there is one smile IM should have it's that!
Life gets aadhar every day.
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hi jenny! the being at home depression gets better very slowly, and even then, it's the promise to yourself that you'll go back that gets you through it!

me and my travelling partner decided to go to paris for a few days a couple of weeks after we got back in order to give us something to really look forward to. that was pretty good
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I think; India: either you love it or you hate it! Who's with me?

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