Why are expat Indians so frustrated with India?

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Originally Posted by Merchant So they have definitely made a choice.

But for all the talk of ex-pat Indians being frustrated with India, the remmittance economy is huge. One recent study puts it at $4.5 billion sent from Indians in the US to family and friends in India. Note that this is not investment, which is another category. This is money for mom and dad to buy a refrigerator or new car.
Of course none of this would constitute patriotism. It is simply people trying to better their lives, or more cynically, individual greed.
Someone else tried to compare diasporic investment in homeland for NRI vs NRChinese. This is totally absurd. The Chinese diaspora is much bigger and much more well established. It has been only a decade or so that the Indian diaspora is being talked about.
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Originally Posted by peterji I have found that when indians manage to leave India for a better life most of them realise that infact they are no better off they still have the same problems they had in India. Lots of them end up in low paid jobs and humble dwellings, they write to there famileys with storys of succes and how great life is in which ever country they are in.
When they aventuly return to India to impress there friends and relatives they put everything down snd say how much better it is where ever they are living, so that they won't relise what type of live they are really living.
Becasr of there stories of great lives in other countries every other Indian whants to leave India for that better life that rarely exist. of course some of them aventuly get there visa's and end up doing the same rather than admit there mistake.
This was probably true 10-20 years ago. It is a different story today. This link provides some interesting statistics. Every aspect of an expat life is not as rosy though as you learn from the above link.

Some highlights from above link
"Although Asian Indians are less than 0.5% of the national population of the US, they are one of the wealthiest"
"Asian Indians as a group earn about 80% more than the average of the native born"
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Are you reading my posts? Seems like you are stuck with Envy, Inferiority complex and the rest of Freud. Easy way to wiggle out...quote psychology hehehehe!

Originally Posted by Paagla Dashu And thats as much because of their behaviour as the glasses through which you look at them. Glasses tinged with Envy and Inferiority Complex, maybe?

Your posts seem to suggest that - in reality you may not feel that way. Or is it in your subconscious?
...and I took the road less travelled.
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You got a point

Originally Posted by pooch I think what's missing here is a clear definition of expat and NRI

India has come a long way and is not stagnant like sub saharan africa , perhaps reason why Indians don't like it when others complain cos someday India will be about there with the rest. I have seen India emerge from dreadful to liveable and things can only get better, maybe those expats who complain just need to be reminded India is getting there and they could pitch in if they want it sooner.
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I find the contents and tone of this thread disturbing to say the least.

Sweeping generalisations made under the guise of having a debate.

Sadly they say a lot more about the attitudes and prejudices of some of the posters on this thread...

Sharing ideas and opinions is ok but this has gone way beyond that... there is venom in a lot of those posts... sad people with low self esteem thinking they are superior to others... stoking the flames of their own bigoted views... obviously getting a kick out of the attention they are recieving.

You wouldn't talk like this to someone you knew face to face in such a manner yet its acceptable to do so to strangers on a public forum?
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one of the few voices of sanity on this thread - thanks frooty

one also thinks that the person starting the tread needs to accept some responsibility for moderating it and if it gets out of hand and turns dirty, should delete the thread.

of course with this thread, the original intent itself was a bit dodgy - targetting a particular group of people with sweeping generalisation.

no offence meant to anybody. please do not attack me.

Om Shanti
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Originally Posted by rangss [...]
They serioulsy have no life and worse.... no identity.
Deja vu, here. ditto situation here except that I'm not into theism anymore. My office colleague too reported that his relatives were whining like crazy and was wondering what's wrong....
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