Which City in India is best for Expats?

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Expats in large numbers in India is a relatively recent happening. Am curious which city in India do expats like the most ?

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That very interesting question. But for me quite difficult to answer..

I think India has variety of the places..I mean nearly all in one..

So quite difficult for me to say which one is best....best for one may be not like the others

let's I say like what the city that normally our country like to go to India is better..

For my idea it's seem that people like to go the following places..

No1 Because most of us are Buddhism so it should be...Holy land of Buddha...GAYA, Sarnath which near Varansri so Varansri is included , and Kusinara

The next may be Taj Mahal because once it included in 7 wonder of the world....and now from Agra..they extend to Rajasthan area

and because our country we didn't have snow mountain so Kashmir will like our dream land lah and ladakh..some also like to trek to zanskar

offcourse some prefer SIKKIM

and Darjeeling also have many studens to come to learn English like Bangalore the IT city

And also the west side Arjanta and Ellora cave

and some come to learn Yoga at Nashik and Rishikesh

But not much to the south except Bangalore may be we think that it's because of the weather is hot like our country.

So for me all is the best!! depends on what purpose to visite ..because from you..India ..you have many choices for us.
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I would say Bangalore. The climate is nice and there are lots of good facilities.
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Originally Posted by yatriforlife View Post Expats in large numbers in India is a relatively recent happening.
Just curious: are there government statistics for this?
This space intentionally left blank.
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This is for those working in India ! As a tourist a city is different , for living it is different.
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All Indian cities come with their pros and cons. It depends on what your requirements and preferences are.

Delhi +ives: Delhi, being the capital city, offers various advantages. Gurgaon is bustling with offices of all types of MNCs. The city's elite social-scene is ever-bristling with the embassy and NGO crowd. It is easy to meet other expats, not to mention other Indians with whom expats will have a lot in common. (The same could be said of Mumbai, Bangalore etc.)

Delhi's arts and drama scene is unequalled. Between theatre performances, art fairs, cultural festivals and musical concerts happening every other day one can easily find their niche. One can live in a rather spacious flat or even a bungalow having a lawn if it's within your budget.

Delhi negatives: Need I elaborate? Not the best city for single women. (Although I do personally know many expat females who love the city and have been living here a long while). It's too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Mumbai +ives: It has a cosmopolitan vibe that no other city can match. If your work happens to be in the Financial/ Corporate sector it's likely this is the best place for you from the point of view of career-growth. (Delhi by comparison attracts a big chunk of NGO/World Bank/UN employees and lawyers). It is also not hard to meet other expats. The arts and cultural scene is pretty good. Bollywood is all around should that take your fancy. It's neither as hot as Delhi and is never cold. However, it is disgustingly humid. All the time.

This is subjective of course, but as a Delhi-ite I have to admit that Mumbaikars are less cliquey than Dilli wallas. As compared to Delhi it is safer and more "culturally open" for single young women. (I know some would debate this but it is a true assessment for the most part IMHO).

Mumbai -ives: The entire city is a giant slum. (The slums are not as conspicuous in the other cities). There is little space for...well anything. So your flat will be small- even if it's considered large by Mumbai standards, the roads narrow and everything in between tightly packed. The city is not very green and open spaces are hard to come by. A fetid smell pervades Mumbai. (Only Mumbaikars don't notice it).

Bangalore +ives: It has broadly the same positives as Delhi and Mumbai. People who move there- whether Indians or foreigners- generally seem to like it. The weather is great. Summers are never too hot and winters are pleasantly cool.

Negatives: Traffic is crazy. Some argue even more so than Delhi and Mumbai. You'd have fewer options in terms of inter-expat interaction, not to mention events that keep you engaged. It's less cosmopolitan than both Delhi and Mumbai.

People from Calcutta, Hyderabad and Chennai can write more accurately about those places.

Of the three, I reckon Hyderabad has the status of being the most up and coming place. It's a major IT hub for one thing. Calcutta it seems to me is more popular as a tourist destination than as a place to live. I am open to being put right on this. Chennai in my experience is fairly unpopular on both counts. Expats living there are an exception to the norm.

In any case, there is no hard and fast rule.

There are plenty of expats shacking up in places like Goa and Himachal Pradesh, as well as in Pune and Kerala. A lot depends on what and where you take a liking to.

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