What to Pay the Cook, the Maid.......the candle stick maker...

#1 Jan 4th, 2007, 21:37
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I am trying to find out what is "reasonable" to pay "help" in Mumbai. Some answers come from the following:


"Wages for domestic work

Here’s what one citizen of Bangalore has done for his family’s domestic worker. In 2001 there was public domain information stating that the Bangalore municipality had a scheduled minimum wage of Rs.2550 per month for city sweepers. Rounding this off to 3000/- per month (a more likely figure now, two years later), and using a daily wage calculation for 30 days, he arrived at the following wages for domestic work, additionally allowing Sundays off, and footing minor medical expenses.
Hours worked each day Monthly salary
2 hours Rs. 750/-
4 hours Rs. 1500/-
Full-time Rs. 3000/-
Hourly* Rs. 14/-


On May 1, 2000 the Pune Shahar Molkarin Sanghatana made public a pay structure for domestic work. It reads as follows:
Washing clothes and utensils (one person) - Rs. 100 per month.
Sweeping and mopping (one room) - Rs. 60 per month.
Cooking one entire meal (four persons) - Rs. 800 per month.
Diwali bonus - one month's salary.
Four weekly offs per month; 20 privileged leaves per year.
Extra wages for guests, Diwali cleaning, chopping vegetables, cleaning bathrooms, and any other extra chores.
If the employer terminates services, he must pay the worker gratuity. Gratuity is calculated as 15 days of salary of every year of service.
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I pay my maid Rs500 a month (fixed by her). She works 6hours a week and does dishwashing (2 people) and cleans the house (6 rooms).
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My cleaner/maid gets 45/- for 2 hours.

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Pay will depend on what you need from each person
If you are an Expat here with a company and need
some catering for events and a good speaker of English
you should consider rs5000 and above for a cook. Many
good cooks with excellent refs and experience will comand
rs 6000 +

Maids who clean and do some odd cooking and speak good
english will be looking at Rs4000 and above.

the above are for full days

If your needs are less then you would be paying less

this holds true in mumbai
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I have tried employing people at the wages stated in the first post.. Was not quite satisfied. No English, unreliable work ethics etc. etc..
Two months back, while shifting, I hired a lady, who now also lives with her family in my servant quarter. I pay her 6500 per month, but boy, do I get value for money.. The food she makes is unbelievably good, she speaks English, cleans everything and generally just keeps my house, without me having to tell her what to do or not. When I am about to run out of shampoo, she buys new, and stuff like that you really learn to appreciate.

So as always, you get what you pay for. But good help is hard to find - do always, and only, hire domestic helpers referred to you by a friend or another person you trust..
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I totally agree, the more expensive employees are worth it.
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I am very late posting a reply to this topic. Hope someone can still help me .

How does one find a maid/cook in Mumbai. From what i hear most agencies are scams. Can anyone share information/ refer a cook to me? I will be moving to Mumbai soon. Probably will be living in the Malad area.
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if you're an expat, you could join expat groups and get recommendations from departing expats. Especially if you plan to leave them alone in your place.
Are you replacing another expat could you take on their maid ?
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Want to know the wages for a full time nanny cum domestic help

Hello, I want to know if any of you have an idea how much to pay a nanny cum domestic help. I have 2 kids aged 3yrs and 1yr.
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Originally Posted by goangoangone View Post My cleaner/maid gets 45/- for 2 hours.
That's less than we paid in Calangute in 1971 -- for dishwashing, water hauling, and some light laundry. Plus, the maids always knew where everyone had spent the night!
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