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Hmmmmm... I have been thinking... I DO need a new phone and I DO think Sunil Gavaskar would enjoy sunset walks on the beach. Hands off ladies, he's mine! ;)
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tofu67, IndiaMike meetups are very much a part of this site's community and have happened in many places, in and out of India.

Please feel absolutely free to initiate one!

The IndiaMike Meetup Thread is a good place to start.
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Its not about making friends just....
I would assume that One would need to be in the right crowd! to ensure that none of us gets into any sort of mess...thats the key..

However to make that happen it needs a lot of time and perseverance and thats my friends is hard given todays dog eat dog world

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Originally posted by: nanelita
Here are some places where you can go : Agni at the Park hotel : it's a bar/club entry free and being a western guy they will not make any problem if you are alone.
Turquoise cottage : the crowd is mainly Indian but supposed to be open minded ....
Riks is the bar at the Taj Palace Hotel mansingh - very nice place to at least have a drink.
I heard about Climax that sounds to be "the place" where to go.
Otherwise there is few bars in GK1 M block and N block market.
Stone in Defence Colony market where a lot of expat comes : it's a lounge / italian restaurant.
Qba at Connaught Place is also a nice place : bar / lounge / restaurant ...

You are right on spot about cool places to go for an expat, nanelita.. Climax, if you haven't been there yet, don't wait! It is a very nice place, cool, chilled-out club/lounge atmosphere, you can do heavy partying or laid-back talking on the huge terrace. Only prob is, you never know when they are gonna shut.. Sometimes they are open till 4AM, sometimes they close at 12:30.. But it's definitely worth the shot..

Calypso is also a cool place to go for a party night out - go on a Wednesday or Friday, as these days tend to be the most happening. The crowd there is cool..

And as for the original question, if dating is possible... Yes it is, it is very much possible, and it happens... That's all I'm gonna say :naughty:
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Oh? Do tell us more..:unsure:
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I found Laid Back waters' quite interesting, its a lounge bar where you can mix with right people, hopefully
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"I would recommend DV8 in CP".

Where abouts exactly please?
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DV8 address is 13 Regal Building (inner circle) CP. Nice food too.
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Thanks Tofu.
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Originally posted by: TomBDating aside though, how are you finding Delhi. I am seriously considering moving there but am slightly worried about becoming isolated, as some other people on Indiamike have reported? How have you found it?
I must say, that aside, I am tremendously excited about the prospect of a year or two in Delhi.


Tom Ime thinking of moving to india next year.Delhi can be a verry lonly place as most of the westeners you meet are moving through all the time.are you going to work over there?
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I've put my India plan on hold for the moment, since I've just been offered a job in New York with my existing employer, which I can't really turn down. My two favourite places have always been New York and Delhi - for quite different reasons - so I had to go really.
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Originally posted by: tofu67Almost every conceivable topic has been covered on IM but there are no threads as far as I can see relating to the subject of dating.

Perhaps this is because I am exception amongst IMers in that I am not with partner of courting. If I am not out on a limb here has anyone had experience of know of social meeting places that encourage singletons to attend? Or at least where it is acceptable to dance with the opposite sex and share a drink etc.

The choices avalable seem to be couples only clubs or those where 'stags are permitted'.

Of course the culture here amongst Indians would generally not approve of such dalliances with Westerners (particulary Western males I would imagine).

Perhaps there is nothing to be done and I (and fellow expats) should resign oneself to a lengthy stretch of bachelor/spinsterdom.

Perhaps an idea would be to organize a regular night for single expats and locals and their partnered friends if they wish.

I live in Delhi but the same would I guess be true for any other city in India. It will be most interesting to read any feedback, ideas any one has.


So are you saying you're looking for a date :):angel
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So now the thread is going to be about how to meet people in New York? ;)

Good luck with the job :)
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Originally posted by: Nick-HSo now the thread is going to be about how to meet people in New York? ;)

...or a homosexual dating thread?
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Originally posted by: ShaktipaloozaThere are definitely avenues for dating Indian women. Before meeting Mrs Shaktipalooza I had a date in Kerala and was scheduled to meet another in Mumbai.

I think the main issue would be that many (most? nearly all?) Indian women do not date, they search for potential spouses. Serious questions come very early like "what are your thoughts on the education of your [future] children?" or "why are you in your thirties and still single?".

hey shakti,
just wanted to say ur soooo wrong abt tht one :rolleyes:
not all indian women are looking for a spouse :D !!