ttransferring large amount of money from india
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ttransferring large amount of money from india

Hey guys

I've been living overseas for the past 5 years and last month I sold a property in india.I am currently in india and i want to transfer it to newzealand.the amount is around 30lakhs.
Whats the best possible way to do it ?


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Stuff your pockets with cash...

Just Joking!!!! people do try it, and, as with any smuggling, they also get caught and loose the lot :eek:

... You will have to do it through banking channels, so I think it is best to seek the advice of your bank on this.
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You can wire it out but you have to fill out all these amazing forms before you do. They have to make sure you're not a terrorist. Don't try to do anything on the phone. Make an appointment, dress nice, and go see an account manager. Yes, you will have to fill out the forms like everyone else but at least they can answer your questions while you do it.

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