Trying to find job
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Trying to find job


I've been applying to many advertised English teaching/training jobs in call centers and elsewhere and getting no response. Should I come to India on a tourist visa and look for a job here?

I'm American, 56, experienced, will have TEFL certification by the end of June, have unrelated Master's degrees, have taught in China and the US, am also a technical writer/editor.

In most countries it's better to apply in person but I don't know about India.

Any problems changing tourist visas to work visas?

Any suggestions of companies to try?

I'll be finishing TESOL certification at the end of June and was thinking of coming directly to India around the first of July. Though maybe I should take a summer job in China and come when it's cooler!

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I have come across the following ads some days back.

IN-KT-Bangalore-Voice and Accent Trainer


A Large and Leading ITES Company is looking for Voice and Accent Trainers. The ideal candidate should have:
3 to 5 years of relevant experience
Voice and Accent Training
Culture Training
Call Audit
Feedback on voice and accent
Design, development and implementation of V&A modules

Additional Information
Position Type: Full Time, Permanent
Ref Code: SUM-VA

Contact Information
Sumeeta Lobo
Merrin & Associates

Is this something you are looking for?

Or you could have a look at the following ad from Mumbai:

IN-MA-Andheri-W-English Expert

"i-osmosis", a division of Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd., specialises in providing written English training to non-native learners of English.To know more about us, please log on to
You will be working with a team of young, enthusiastic people who quite simply love the English language and have a passion for helping people write right. Therefore, you will be constantly brainstorming and innovating on finding the best way to help people improve their written English communication.

Candidate Profile
If you possess the ability to demystify the seemingly illogical rules of English grammar and have a passion for helping people write better, you will fit right in. While experience in e-learning would be an added advantage, our primary qualifying criteria are exceptional written English skills and the ability to write in a variety of styles—from formal business letters to simple and friendly communication with a child.

We are not looking for grammar gurus; the only traits we demand are a passion for correct written English, strong analytical skills, and a commitment to quality. We will provide you with sufficient training to hone your skills.

All applicants must be extremely comfortable with using MSWord

Additional Information
Position Type: Full Time, Permanent

Contact Information
Yashmi Pujara
Ph: 022-56949084

Try" target="_blank">

Happy hunting!
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contact information??

Thanks, yes, this is what I'm looking for.
Do you have the contact info or link to the ad for the first job -- Merrin & Associates??

The second one, Cactus Communications, is one that I emailed but haven't heard from.
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Originally posted by: Prof. Lionel Aranha...All applicants must be extremely comfortable with using MSWord...

Wouldn't have thought that possible :mad: ...

Seriously: there has been quite a lot on here recently on this sort of thing. try doing a search for 'TEFL' and/or 'Call centres'

Or start off with This currently active thread

But do not think that India is full of non-English speakers desparate to learn (unless you want to volunteer somewhere isolated). India is full of good, even excellent, English speakers. The call centre training is to sound really British or American. Anyway: I'm repeating the above thread, best to send you off to read it :)
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call center jobs

Yes, I know that general English teaching jobs are rare in India. I am specifically asking about call center positions and specifically want to know whether it's more likely to get a job from within India rather than applying from outside India.

I've been following the posts and haven't seen this particular issue addressed.
Sorry if this is repetitious.
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Originally posted by: spiritgate
Do you have the contact info or link to the ad for the first job -- Merrin & Associates??

Merrin & Associates

Address: 4/1,Spencer rd,Frazer Town
Bangalore - 560005
Contact: Sophia Anandraj

Happy Hunting!
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I have been in contact with cactus communications and they seem lovely but are offering very low salaries - especially for mumbai : 15- 20K range...
not sure what you are after but it was too low for me!

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