Rupees to UK Pound Money Transfer
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Rupees to UK Pound Money Transfer

Hi all
I need to convert Rupees to UK Pound to send to my bank account in UK.
Rupees will be from NRE accounts that I hold in Indian banks.
Banks give a poor exchange rate. As much as 250 points below the FX rates.
They also charge high fees on top.

In the past, when converting UKP to INR, I fond much better rates through currency brokers in the UK such as Muthoot Global. As low as 80 points below the money market rates.

But I don't know of any that can convert from INR to UKP.
Does anyone know?!
Or any suggestions on any other ways to do this?

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But, what would be the mode of transfer...?
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Other than banks, select FFMCs (full fledged money changers) are authorized by the RBI to perform outward remittances. The list for Kerala is here -

Also look at the RBI website regarding outward remittances for residents before going ahead with anyone -
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Did you try to contact THey can help you may be.
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Similar to Transferwise is Might be even cheaper.

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