Road travel and bandits?

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I have been advised by friends not to travel by road in eastern India (east of Delhi) due to an increasing occurence of road bandits who assault, rob, kidnap or murder travellers by road.

Does anybody have any practical advice on how to deal with this problem? Should I avoid the roads entirely or are there other ways of dealing with this problem while traveling by road?
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Your friends don't seem to know much.

Assault and rob happens sometimes/rarely at night in some parts of the country.
Murder (of travellers is very very) rare. So is kidnap- almost never.

Increasing occurence?? Rubbish.

East of Delhi is a huge area. I daresay you are perfectly safe travelling in the daytime by road
a few hundred miles east of Delhi.

Certain areas of 3 States- Bihar, eastern UP and (lesser degree) MP are avoidable at night. (Not the entire States, btw).

I would be more worried about road accidents than assault, generally speaking.
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I recall there was a time in the 60's when the Agra road was dicey and traffic was convoyed. Haven't heard such for a long, long time. There is a very nice story about the theft of a car from someone's home in Bihar. However, I think the Capn's account is the way it is. Ah, for the good old days of dacoitry..
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True. Probably, in those days, India was not a world leader in per-head road deaths.

When visiting India, worry if you must --- but worry about the right things!
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Originally Posted by edwardseco View Post There is a very nice story about the theft of a car from someone's home in Bihar.
That must be the urban legend that goes like this in one of its versions:

The Chief Minister's personal physician has his car stolen from his house. Next day he discovers it parked at the Chief Minister's residence. Apparently one of the CM's sons/nephews/hangers-on (depends on the version being told and of course you know which CM is meant here) filched the car. The medico then buys it back for a nominal sum.

I grew up in Patna. It was a hotbed of urban legends of all sorts. People who live there are very proud of the fact that they manage to survive in such a crime-infested city (just like New Yorkers). In fact it was quite a safe place. The local crime syndicate made sure that petty crime was kept in check.
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todays mumbai mirror
130000 people die in accidents in india(highest in the world)
india accounts for 1% of total vehicular populations but witnesses 6% of global accidents
money spent on road safety infrastructure rs 54 crores(rs 540 million)a pathetic sum
2 months back i drove bombay delhi bombay alone.on different sites i was told to avoid MP and UP because of safety issues as well as bad roads
as of today in MP they have convoys escorted by police at night.
for 711 avoid travelling at night.start early and end early just about are not blinded by oncoming traffic specially when you are driving on a two lane highway without a divider.
drive safe.
PS which area are you referring to,hope not the areas controlled by maoists like chhattisgarh
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Originally Posted by faustus77 View Post as of today in MP they have convoys escorted by police at night.
That is for risk of attacks by Naxals and generally on police/Govt/Public transport buses owned by Govt, not Private vehicles.

Nothing to do with Dacoity/Banditry.
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I was not talking about old fashion bandits on horses...

To be more specific, I have been advised not to travel east into UP i.e Noida, Merut etc. since there have been many incidents of gangs assaulting travelers on the road with guns even in broad daylight.

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