Retiring to India

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McLeod/Bhagsu area is an excellent choice. If an expat community is important to you then there's always North Goa of course. There are many aging ex-hippies there and Anjuna for instance is actually quite mellow despite bad mouthing from some tourists who've only been there over the Christmas/NY's season. Tiruvanamalai has similar advantages if you're looking for something a bit more spiritual, more Indian. Weather is a big factor as I'm sure you know so why not continue backpacking and follow the seasons? Keep the flame burning as long as you can.
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Doesn't sound crazy to me, Shakyamuni. I'm about to do the same thing.

I'm gonna be fairly nomadic, as anonymous suggests above. Follow the weather, try and be in the right place / right time for some decent festivals, that kind of thing. Vague idea's to be in the South / Sri Lanka for the Winter and up in the Himalayas for Summer. With a few interesting detours.

I anticipate the visa issue being a bit of a hassle after a few years with Indian bureaucracy being what it is - I can imagine a few baksheesh transactions taking place.
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I would suggest that in general its a good idea to live a year in a place before "settling" there..
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Originally Posted by Shakyamuni I'm an India lover - always have been - always will be. As crazy as it might seem, I have been seriously considering going back to India (Himachal Pradesh) with a view to retiring up there somewhere.

COOL! .....when you say going back, you visited last when?....

I can't think of a better place to retire. Altho I have heard other places in SE Asia can be equally pleasant, dollar-wise and weather-wise (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, etc).
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Originally Posted by eater
COOL! .....when you say going back, you visited last when?....

I can't think of a better place to retire. Altho I have heard other places in SE Asia can be equally pleasant, dollar-wise and weather-wise (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, etc).
I was in Dharamsala / McLeod Ganj, Shimla and Dalhoussie last October. My actual destinationw as McLeod simply because I had planned to go there the year before but ended up in Nepal, Kathmandu and other places, which was absolutely magnificent. I also managed a trip to Varanasai as I had read so much about Benares (as it used to be called) that I just had to go there. The Ganges at dawn will remain one of the highlights of my travels around the world!!
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Sounds good, winters may get a bit harsh in mcleod and what will u do about the visa etc though?
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I also plan to move to the McCleod Ganj area. I was there in March and April of 2004. I made lots of tibetan friends and have a foster daughter there, who I plan to adopt.

I am a 54 year old female currently living near Chicago in the USA. I plan to leave late February, 2006.
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I am also going

Hi I am going to Dharamsala half of february (want to be there for the Tibetan New Year). Any suggestions about guesthouses?
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retiring to india?

or know anyone who is/has retired to india? I'm interested in interviewing anyone who fits the bill for an article I'm exploring (i'm south asia corr for london sunday times) on whether better hospitals, recent relaxation in property laws etc, makes india a more viable retirement alternative, where small pensions can buy a better lifestyle.

if anyone can help, I'm here or on +91 9871458909.


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What recent relaxations in property laws?

You haven't been reading the Buying Property in Goa thread.
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seriously i like to know where small pensioners could buy a viable lifestyle in india without compromises to basic amenities at that age.

better hospitals are only in the big cities and out of country retirees will find it difficult to live in big metros unless they are willing to put up with some combination of the following:- noise, pollution, crowds or climate. and there are still power cuts in major metros.

unless you are superfit, a doctor, super rich or believe in alternative medicine or the health infrastructure gets better distributed across smaller towns conducive to a 'retirement' environment. seriously..outside of goa, there seems to be really few...

thailand seems to be better set up imho.
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The govt of India does not want retirees they want investors.
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Sheesh! Ditto, ditto, and ditto to the three prior responses.

If the Sunday Times is running articles like this, it's no wonder we get so many posts here from starry-eyed Brits caught up in some completely clueless fantasy about retiring to India.
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speaking as an old hippy ,it is were i will retire to .Have you seen the exchange rate at the moment
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Originally Posted by freenote speaking as an old hippy, it is were i will retire to
yah, I have a dear friend who lived in India 4 times during the
'70s-early '80s. he can retire this year and he wants to move back to India as soon as he can, wants to die in India (he's a Murugan bhakti).

I really don't think anything will stop someone who wants to make India their final home. where there's a will there's a way.
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