obtaining work permit in India`

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I'm in Kerala on a student visa and have been offered a good teaching job... however to accept it I must have a work permit. I wanted to know if I would have to leave the country and come back on a work visa, or if I could do it here... and where would I do it. Should I go to the foreigner's office at the city police commissioner's?
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Nov 2004
mekalapalli AP
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if i were you I'd try it while you're still there...How long is your current visa valid?And how long will you be working?
I don't know what your nationality is but for some countries it can take a while before you get your working permit. I'm a belgian and i've been waiting for more then three months no and still no replie from Delhi. people from other countries get in in less than a week sometimes...better call the consulate where you got your current visa about that...
good luck in dealing with the bureaucracy...
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From what I know, one can't change a type of visa without leaving India.
But check it with your country's embassy anyway.

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