Moving within company to India without expat package

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Hello guys
Happy to be here and not ask about Visa questions (PIO drama over)

I'm Canadian citizen, living permanently in USA on Green Card and my wife is USC but from India, so I got PIO from her last year. Yup on my way to almost 3 countries citizenship haha..

My company is American and they are about to start sales operations in the Indian market (right now only Support team is there).
They are looking to hire local Sales Engineers to cover accounts, hence they don't really have a need for an expat other than it would be nice not to have to train them. Right now India is covered by guys in Singapore which is not convenient for regular client meetings.

I have shown my interest for the role, since I would love to stay with my current company, and use my skills and potentially be in a senior / manager role. I love India and always wanted to try out working in India for longer term (2 years or more) after a 6 months stint in 2009.

They have said they do not do expat packages currently and were looking for locals anyway to fill that job..
And I understand from our initial discussions that the salary will be mostly based on local Indian salaries... which was disappointing.
They will help with relocation (and initial short term lodging), and pay the difference in taxes etc. (which is almost like expat package) but with Indian salary.

I have yet to see a number but that will come next week and want to be prepared.
I understand such opportunities are hard to come by and juicy expat packages are even harder.
And they understand on their side they are competing with my current job within the company which is fetching me a very nice pay.

My goal is I don't want to be losing to much money so it is hard to come back to America after an extended stay in India.
Also I want to not regret doing the move later thinking I could've been making so much more money in India.

I am not asking for help around how much I should be asking for (answers will of course vary too wildly), but more for pointers to get the best offer given my situation, in case anybody has been in a similar situation as me.

Extra context: I am happy to live there as an Indian and not an expat, we have apartments paid off we can live in (Chennai or Bangalore) and I can eat the 200RS meals without any issues (!) and manage with rickshaws. But at the same time should aim at saving as much or close to as much as I'm saving in USA so can retire either in USA or India (meaning not be "stuck" in India because only worked in India!).

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If you work in India, foe an Indian salary forget about retiring in the US.

You will not be able to afford it. Sorry to be blunt but that s the truth.
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Question Bidding 7NT without accounting for all the aces ?

Originally Posted by JGD108 View Post I'm Canadian citizen, living permanently in USA on Green Card and my wife is USC but from India, so I got PIO from her last year. Yup on my way to almost 3 countries citizenship haha..
Don't do it. You will lose your Permanent Residency, and yet your American company is unwilling to pay expat salary ?

You will be the second Canuck who lost their PR to fulfill assignment (to South America, in the first case) working for an american company.

Since you are going to be on a indian salary, you are not going to make a green Card run every few months. Yes, you can inform Feds, but they can given you just that many extensions, before they say - you have willfully abandoned residence.

You do have a tax consultant you know, and who does your taxes - right ?
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Thanks guy for the direct feedback, keep it coming.
I just wanted to clarify that going to India I will make sure to get my US citizenship so I don't risk losing my Greencard.
Depending on when I leave for India I might have to come back twice for interview and oath ceremony.

Also to retire in US (if at all) would probably wise to keep building some RE investment there so that money is being generated above and beyond my indian salary.

I won't make the jump if I think it leaves me in a worst place. Also I'm pretty sure if it doesn't work out after 2 years (or less) that I can return to a similar position in USA, or any other company wanting my fresh new indian skills in a very much in demand market.

Right now setting my baseline for a yearly salary of 60 lakhs + 25lakhs commission (i'm in sales) for considering a move..

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