Help with getting a dog to India
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Help with getting a dog to India

Dear MahaForum-Members,

I plan on moving (back) to India soon with my family. We've lived there before, but moved to the U.S. temporarily for studies. We'll be starting with a tourist visa, which we'll later change to a residential one.

Here's why I'm writing here:
We've gotten a dog during our stay here whom we love dearly and see/experience as part of our family. Unbeknownst to us, the law for bringing in pets to India has changed and we now cannot bring her with us because we're coming in on tourist visas and have been to India within the last couple of years.

I'm looking for someone who is either: 1. of Indian origin and planning on returning to India, or 2. who plans on coming to India on an employment visa or something similar. This person would be doing us an enormous favor by helping us to bring our dog in...

Obviously, I'd be immensely grateful to this person and would be happy to help them in return in any way I can...

Also I'm really open to any other suggestions as to how to bring her in, although I personally am not aware of any other way...

Thank You, Dhanyabad, Nandri...

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Down below your post is a truly spectacular function of the site: Similar Threads. I noted one such post. But, I know there are some very good ones as there are many pet owners:) here. Another great feature of the site is that it keeps almost all posts so its a treasure trove. Best of travels..
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Hi everybody and thanks for the replies. I have contacted Furry Flyers. We are not eligible to bring her in ourselves. However, they did say that if we know of anyone going to India who meets the requirements to bring in a pet, we can do it through that person, provided, of course, they agree to helping us.

Hence I'm writing here..

Thank you again.

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