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hi everyone,
i just signed up to this forum after endless searches of the internet without finding any answers to my questions. i am hoping that maybe you fellow forum users could help me out

here go my questions:

1) currently i am a fashion design student in san francisco, and am looking into finishing my degree in india. have any of you completed a fashion school in india or you know about any other foreigners who have taken such a path? if you do, could you please share your experiences, as well as which schools to consider (since there are so many out there)

2) my other big question is, how safe is it for a foreign single female in her late 20's to live in india?

thanks in advance for your advice and help!
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Hi Paro, I am aware about two major schools, one is "National Institute of Fashion Technology" and other one is "Pear Academy of fashion"

Yes its common for students from abroad to study in India..and it would be safe for a single female to live here, given that you understand the scenario and take the necessary precautions, which you can find elsewhere on the forum
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Hi there,

I am a Brit and have been studying in India, at JNU in New Delhi, since August of last year. I'm not sure what it is like doing fashion specifically (I know that my university doesn't have a course in it), and I do politics here myself.

There are quite a few foreign girls studying here - a fair few of which are European/North American. On the whole, other than the standard experiences of (foreign) women in India, I think that they find it ok. Being in the big, cosmopolitan cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc.) is apparently much easier for women on their own, and if the place where you study has its own campus then that makes it a whole lot better too. I find that having a big, green, relatively peaceful campus to escape to can really keep you sane living in such a hectic country. I'm sure being a woman living here means that there are added benefits to this too. It is widely considered that women suffer much less harrassment on the university campus than anywhere else.

Have you been to India before? If so, then you will have an idea of what it might be like to live here as a single woman. As Shashank says, it is safe, but you do need to know the score - a lot of the foreign female students that I know here do find it quite tough sometimes. Conversely, it is also a great experience being here and can be hugely rewarding. I have enjoyed my time here a lot so far and am very happy to be staying out here for another year or more...
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Not to forget NID ( National Institute of Design), another heavyweight and probably better ranked then Pearl..

Originally Posted by shashank.aggarwal View Post Hi Paro, I am aware about two major schools, one is "National Institute of Fashion Technology" and other one is "Pear Academy of fashion"
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There are lots of universities in India that has courses in Fashion Design, the most popular university is National institute of fashion design
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Thank you all so very much for your feedback

I am planning to travel to India in one month to see the schools and the different locations in person. I find it very hard to make a decision from so far away.

If anyone has any more feedback or advice please keep it coming, since I find peoples experience some of the most valuable information that I can receive.

PS: The national institute of fashion design is my first choice.

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