Finding expat accommodation in Jaipur
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Finding expat accommodation in Jaipur

Hi All,

I'm new to posting on the forum but have read it whilst planning the last two trips to India which was very helpful and am now i'm in need of your help!

I am moving to Jaipur as of the end of December to work in an NGO. Although i am sure that accommodation will probably be better sorted when i get there, i guess i thought i would tap into the knowledge of local expats with regards to accommodation.

From what i have read, it is best to find an estate agent/retail agent who can then help me find long term accommodation in Jaipur. When i say long term then i am happy signing up for the 11 or 12month lease. I spent two months in India in April and May so know that this is the place i want to come back to and stay long term.

So i guess my question is, does anyone know of any local estate/retail agents who are able to help expats find accommodation. As it is only for me i will be looking for fairly low level accommodation in the typical areas no doubt of Bani Park or C scheme, unless anyone has any recommendations for other areas.

I guess any advice on finding somewhere would be great. I have a hotel organised for the first couple of weeks but would like to find somewhere soon after i guess there.

Thanks in advance!

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