Current MHA processing time for T-to-X-Visa Conversion

#1 Jan 8th, 2019, 20:14
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Hi guys!

I've been enjoying India Mike forums for some time as I recently got married to an Indian national and am now living here for the time being as my wife and I process her American visa paperwork.

We recently submitted our X-visa conversion application and so far the process has moved very smoothly. The police verification paperwork is now back at the (Guragon) FRRO office (I saw it there), and they requested a few more documents back from my wife and myself.

They told us the next update we receive will be from Delhi (which I assume means the MHA) but they were sort of hush on how much longer the conversion process will take. Does anybody have a recent timeline for how long the T-to-X visa conversion takes once the paperwork is sent to the MHA?

They didn't offer to extend my visa either. I have about 45 days left on my tourist visa but I'm holding out hope they'll convert it within that time so my wife and I can travel internationally when we want and not because the visa expires :P.

And one more thing, will we receive residential permit with the X Visa? American visa authorities want to see my residential permit + visa to prove we are eligible for the faster processing.

Thank you
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I have an update!

After it seemed like everything with my application was going perfectly, I received an ominous sounding email from with the subject:

Visa Conversion service has been closed
My wife and I were shocked to receive this. It was sent at 3pm on a Friday (closing time). We called the FRRO and were told simply to "Apply again". We called another FRRO who asked us about every requirement, which we met, and they seemed confused why it was closed.

We went to both FRROs today and were told each time to "Apply again", without being told if there was an error in our application. They kept mentioning that we failed to respond to an email or text, which was never sent. One FRRO seemed to allude that the other FRRO missed a step on our application on their end, and then quickly got quiet and my wife told me that means a mistake could have been made on their end, but they would not take responsibility for it and are asking us to take a risk at another ominous denial closer to my tourist visa's stay duration

I've tried reaching out to the MHA's visa helpline email and they told me to talk to the FRRO

Our current plan is to reapply, wait a week, and then my wife and I are probably going to have to apply for entry visa in a third country (not my home as she isn't allowed there just yet) which we are confident we can get due to embassies lighter qualifications for entry visa.

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