Apartment sharing with Expats in South Delhi
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| Gwen, Physio Student

Apartment sharing with Expats in South Delhi

Hello all,

Maybe someone can help me: I am coming to Delhi for an internship beginning of April until end of August and I was hoping to find people to share an apartment with, like flatmates.
I have read about these PG offers, but I would like to find a proper "home" that is shared with other expats. The areas I am most interested in are Vasant Vihar and Hauz Khas, Moti Bagh but anything not too far from Vasant Vihar would work as well.

What are the common websites to find rooms to rent?
Is there anything I need to be careful about?
Any other tips?

Your advice is greatly appreciated and if you can think of someone looking for a flatmate please let me know!
Thank you!!

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| Humble Genius
yuni-net used to be popular amongst expats. However, almost all 'action' has moved to groups on facebook for rentals. Look for something relevant to your situation there.

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