Where to stay in Hyderabad?
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Where to stay in Hyderabad?

I have been offered a job in Hyderabad and will be moving in March or April 2015. I am a foreigner and have totally no idea of the locality of Hyderabad (I have been to Bangalore and a few of other Indian cities).

I have a budget of Rs 20,000 - Rs 25,000 for rental and wondered what type of apartment/condos that I can possibly afford to rent?

I am a single male and will be moving alone. I have made some searches through commonfloor, 99arces and other rental website but I am not sure if I should trust what I found there.

Any recommendation on place to stay? My office area will be in Banjara Hills and I would like to stay close to my office to save time on commuting (i will be getting a bike so 10-15 mins time of commuting is fine for me), also close to a 'western standard' gym if possible as I enjoy working out.

Is Rs 20,000 - Rs 25,000 good enough to rent a furnished apartment (western standard) with facilities or studio apartment? If not, I am okay with renting a semi-furnished apartment with 1/2 bhk. It's going to be hot so it is better if all facilities are built-in (air con, refrigerator, washing machine etc.).

Is it advisable to get an agent? I will have 2 weeks to look around after I landed in Hyderabad.

What are the activities to do during the weekends? I am a drinker though not necessarily need to drink on every weekends. Are malls in Hyderabad well-equipped with Western goods? (Clothes, Foods etc.)

Last but not least, what are the approximate expenditure for a single guy in Hyderabad? What are the expenses (must) to be incurred? I don't expect to live luxuriously but will eat out very often and dine in a good restaurant once in a while. To give an idea of what foods are acceptable to me, I am perfectly fine with eating Briyanis, Prathas and I patronize Meghna Briyani and Empire while in Bangalore. Oh, and how's the Chinese foods in Hyderabad? Is it comparable to Bangalore as in choice, price and taste?

Any advise are welcomed!

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Banjara Hills 30k for a fairly swank place, only 20K further out. Transportation is fun. Food is widely available except for Kashmiri (restaurant closed). This is the gossip I get..
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-Stay close to the office. Everything you are looking for will be closeby. THis means Banjara Hills (and maybe Jubilee Hills, if your office is on the border between the two) Cheaper options exist in closeby localities, but ....
-20/25 will get you a decent two bedroom apartment (not many on bredroom or studio apartments around, but do search, you may get lucky). Perhaps partly furnished, perhaps with an airconditioner or two. 'Western style' probably not, and you may need to buy a few things/furniture. (if you have seen apartments in Bangalore you will have an idea of this anyway)
-agents/brokers are not very good or professional in Hyderabad. Best bets are newspapers (Deccan Chronicle weekends), word of mouth from office and online
- Foodwise and expenses can't answer, depends on you. Doubt you will spend more than Bangalore for a similar lifestyle, probably a little less. And yes, many resteraunts in Banjara Hills/around.
- Look for generator backup including for airconditioning. This may be a problem because a) standalone apartments may not have this and b) 'gated communities' are few in Banjara Hills, and may be expensive. But Hyderabad has a big power problem so this is probably essential.
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