Prepaid Sim Purchase problem
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Prepaid Sim Purchase problem

While in India I would like to purchase a pre-paid sim card from Vodafone. When I asked my company for it, they said it would be as easy as walking in into any store and paying for it. However, searching the vodafone site I noted they ask for photos, proof of residency, passport copies etc.

How easy would be for me to get a pre paid sim card either at the Bangalore Intl or the Hyderabad airports and what docs do I need to have with me?


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I don't think you can get them a either Airport especially if you are landing at an ungodly hour when most international flights land. Please go thru the above posts where getting a SIm is pretty much discussed on a daily basis.
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I haven't known that they issue Sim cards at airport.Now it is some what difficult to have prepaid sim card.It is made compulsory to give the proofs and verification is also must.For activation it is taking 1 day.
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And validity is for a certain period, and sometimes roaming is a problem. Be aware of the conditions you are buying the card under.

the process is the same for indian or foreigner, indians have to give id and residence proof too.

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