Moving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad

#1 Oct 12th, 2012, 17:17
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Hi All,

We are planning to move from Gurgaon to Hyderabad next month.
we have basically no idea about this place. Would appreciate if u guys could suggest on the following:

1. Compared to gurgaon, how cosmopolitan place is hyderabad?

2. My husband's office is located in Hi-Tech City. what areas should we go house- hunting?

3. is renting out an apartment a safe & better option or renting out a house?

4. would also be looking out for some good international schools for my kids.
pls. suggest the same as we would be wanting a place to to the office & kids schools

any other suggestions are more than welcome.

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How cosmopolitan it is depends on the neighborhood, to some extent. If you are in the Hitec city area then it is quite cosmopolitan. There are people from all parts of India in that area. Most would speak English, even more would speak Hindi. The challenge would be to "tackle" what passes off for Hindi in Hyderabad, which is a mixture of Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and Marathi. Over time you would get used to it.

Dress and food: you have complete freedom to choose. There are many restaurants that serve north and south Indian fare. Shopping centres galore. You would get most of the spices and fresh fruits and vegetables that would find in Gurgaon.

Accommodation and International school. You may get the most practical info from your husband's employer. There may be his colleagues who have moved in recently to Hyderabad who would know the latest situation. My point is about the location of the international school vis-a-vis your flat / house. You should find out which international school is easiest to commute to and from your flat / house and look for a flat and school accordingly. Most international schools have their school buses. Since the metro construction has just started, it would be a few years before it is ready. Many kids commute by public transport but to a new comer it may be a bit of a stretch.

I hope this helps.
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Based on your budget, you can easily find a place to stay near Hi-tech city. Usually the neighbourhoods in Whitefields, Shilpa Park and Gachibowli are upscale and renting a 2 bedroom apartment here would cost around 15000 per month excluding maintenance. Staying nearer to office is a great option because one can escape from the traffic and cut on travel time. Apart from friends/discussion boards in the new company, checking the classifieds on or simply roaming around some neighbourhoods and asking for vacant flats do work. Real estate brokers are mostly stupid people who I like to avoid. There are these huge IT companies like Infosys, Oracle, TCS and Wipro which have vibrant discussion forums and people do post a lot of classifieds here.
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Having stayed in Gurgaon and being a Hyderabadi... i can tell you that Hyderabad is quite a cosmopolitan city minus the glitter of Gurgaon. Hi-tech city and its vicinity has good number of apartments which you should be able to get between Rs. 15000-18000 for a 2BHK. There good number of shops, restaurants and couple of malls close-by. There are schools in the vicinity like Oakridge, Nasr among others a little away.

I am sure you would not hate your stay in Hyderabad... and yeah let me add this.. the public transport is much much better than in Gurgaon.

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