mock meat in Hyderabad
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mock meat in Hyderabad

I understand that mock meat has made its way into india and is fast catching up...are there any outlets in hyderabad which sell mock meat? i would be interested to know.

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| Krishna
quorn is a brand in UK which produces mock meat from fungus......there are other brands which use tofu.
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sorry, it appears that this is not mock bad
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OMG. [shock]

Eat meat or don't eat meat. [paniccow]

"A fool and his money are soon parted." :bawling:

This is surely a sign that the Mayans were right! :yes:

"The End Is Near!" :helpsmili:goodluck:
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Is soya bean champs and nuggets called mock meat.
Papaya is a Vegetable and Tomato is a Fruit
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Another meat thread! It's sure to bring out consensus and harmony. ;)

As for Hyderabad, I dunno about fake meat, but I was there a couple of weeks back and it's the only place in India where I've seen shops proudly displaying signs stating 'Beef Shop' with a picture of a cow. It was nice.

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