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edwardseco Nov 14th, 2015 13:04

Hyderabad without the heat in December
Look like I get come to Hyderabad in a cooler period (December). Its been a dozen years since I last came. I notice that some of the online sources for happenings in Hyderabad are frozen/dead. Are there others that are alive? Are there monthly mags anymore for this? I only have a few days given the pinch of work. I am hoping to land on my feet running. What are the better book stores if any have survived Kaliyuga?
Gracias amigos..

prince09 Nov 14th, 2015 13:31

Some good old style book stores opposite women's college, Koti and more on the left(and some on right too) of the road that goes from Koti to Badi Chowdi/Narayan Guda.

And ofcourse the bigger, glitzy book stores in the malls like Walden, Lifestyle and Shoppers stop in Begumpet. Hit the malls in Banjara/Jubilee Hills and further down to Hitech city area.

Edit : Forgot about LandMark & Crossword. I've been to Crossword in Jubilee Hills and it's big.

edwardseco Nov 16th, 2015 10:24

Okay, I am doing my prep on this. It isn't Delhi where I get to every hole in wall after a vanilla shake at Oxford's. However, I think it will keep me occupied. I may sneak down to Warangel as well..

prince09 Nov 16th, 2015 11:27

Is this your first visit to Warangal (Fort?)?

I went there early this year and so much has changed. Doesn't look anything like when I used to play there amidst the palace/fort ruins as a kid.

edwardseco Nov 16th, 2015 11:57

Yes, it is. I wandered elsewhere when I was based in Hyderabad. I am a bookstore enthusiast and really appreciated the tips for HYD/SEC. I'll be feasting as well when I go..

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