The Tout X Factor.
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The Tout X Factor.

Has anyone ever touted a tout? Find a really persistant one, then run over to them grab them by the arm and start pulling them into a nearby shop claiming its your uncles shop!:D

Or maybe leaflet them, tell them how differing cultures of people like to be treated?

What is your most pushiest tout story? Have you ever been in danger regarding them, ever hit one, or ever found one really helpful?

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Tracy I may not have the best stories to share as I am an Indian. I along with my nephew landed at Bundi (Rajasthan) around 10.00 am. We had not much clue as to what to do. As we got out a gang of people started asking "Kahan jaayenge" (where will you go) when I said nowhere, to my surprise they just left us alone. Now if that was Delhi ...
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I loved Bundi-- the only place we stayed at on our last trip to India where we could walk down the street & look into shops without being dragged by the arm to take a look. What a pleasure! Because it is not really a tourist destination, the touts have all left home & are bugging the tourists in Udaipur instead. My advice-- if you want to avoid the touts & really see India, avoid the touristy parts.

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