PIO card does not prove your identity!

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I've subscribed to this American ex-pat's blog now for a while -- he lives in Chennai -- and his post today made me laugh.....

ah...Indian bureaucracy...
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Ah yes... we have similar problems at the moment.

Having just moved house, we have very little paperwork that proves that we actually live here. We can prove we own the place, but, not unreasonably, that is just not the same.

It would actually have been easier for us to register our new car at our old address. Even I could have done it in my name.

As we have not even received our first telephone bill (which is in my name) it is almost impossible for me to produce a document on the list of those accepted by the RTO.

So it has to be in Mrs N's name --- we are using the electricity bill card, along with the EB's change of account confirmation and an affidavit that will cost us Rs500.

Blind faith in a telephone bill doubtless comes from the time when there was no non-government-owned telephone service, and any documentation related to an account was government documentation.

We were told, by the way, that the RTO where our car has to be registered is particularly strict as they were once caught out by a journalist who managed to get them to issue him a licence in the name of Abdul Kalam --- complete with pic of the Indian President!

I do regard that as a tall story, as they actually take your photo themselves --- but I don't know how recent that technology is. Since "Mr Kalam"'s licence, maybe?

The problem, of course, with accepting a patently good form of ID , rather than one on the list is that it requires the officer concerned to take responsibility for that decision --- which he is neither paid nor permitted to do.

Oh, and getting a PIO card is not as difficult as Scott Carney, in his blog, makes out.
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I think this is a case of miscommunication between the delaer and the author.

IMHO, the dealer was looking for something proved where the author lived (since the casr was being leased, they want to know where they can find the lesee if a payment is overdue). A PIO card does not do that.

Cell phones companies (thanks to the possibility of terrorist using cell phones) have among the most rigorous background checks these days. Not only do they require photographs, and proper ID, but if the connection is "post paid" they actually send someone to your place to resident to ensure that the subscriber actually lives there. So its among the best ways for a business to verify proof of residence.

I am surprised the author did not realize that. Or may be, the blog just makes for more interesting reading the way it is written.
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No, we are having a similar experience.

There is, according to our car dealer, a very limited number of things the RTO will accept. I do not remember it, but certainly PIO card was not there.

Experiences in other cities/states may well differ.


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