Peppercorns in Condom's.....

#1 Dec 12th, 2003, 15:51
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I was invited into a 'house' a km or so away from Kovalam to have a look around, I saw loads of peppercorns being stored in a condom (not a comfortable image for a man).

Brings a whole new meaning to 'firing blanks'.

What is the strangest or most ingenious use of everyday items you have seen in India?
#2 Dec 12th, 2003, 21:55
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That's hilarious. BTW empty 35mm film cannisters are excellent for delivering stool samples to the doctor!
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#3 Dec 12th, 2003, 22:11
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I have seen an US Air Force survival manual that says that downed pilots should carry condoms (presumably unlubricated) for collecting and carrying water.
#4 Dec 13th, 2003, 05:28
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Funny, I have used condoms (yes, unlubed!) to collect and carry water on lightweight expeditions in the Himalaya. I've also used film canisters to deliver stool samples to a Doctor in Leh. (tested positive for silver) .

In Ladakh, tin cans and mineral water bottles (cut in half) are often used to protect seedlings and line walkways (at both permanent homes and nomadic tentsites). Army camps often use beer and liquor bottles to demarcate walkways.
#5 Dec 13th, 2003, 14:02
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Ludicrous though this may sound, Refrigerators are switched off and used as cupboards in Winter in some areas!!!
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#6 Dec 17th, 2003, 15:06
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well, this is close . . .

One winter outside Katmandu, some of our gas lanterns were pretty worn out. I volunteered to take them down to the metalworking shops to see what could be done, and ended spending the whole day there getting various replacement parts created from scrap metal. Came home and no one seemed to get it how much I dug it hangin out with the tinkers.
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