Need HELP in Planning Sangla-Kalpa trip in March-end
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Need HELP in Planning Sangla-Kalpa trip in March-end

Dear Friends,

Reading some of the IMers' report and suggestions I have chalked out a rough trip for Himachal- sangla, kalpa, chitkul in march-end.

travelling during : 24th March(Delhi/Agra) to 31st March (Delhi).
Heads : 4 adults

Reading the posts of @Dhananjay and @AvidTrekker I am thinking to plan like this ....

1. 24th march volvo bus (10 pm) from Delhi to Shimla (7 am next day)-> shimla to Kalpa/Sarahan 25th stay.

2. 24th march reach mussoorie from Delhi. 25th mussorie to hatkoti/rohru/pabbar.

As @Dhananjay and @AvidTrekker mentioned route no. 2. is fantastic, I would like to take that route.. at least for one side (going or returning).

My queries are :

a. Can we take route 2. while going and route 1. while returning? or vice versa?
b. Is it possible to go like hatkoti->rohru->pabbar->trek from pabbar to sangla and thus avoiding Sarahan.
c. keeping in mind that there are construction works on Sutlej, can we get the beauty of route 2.? or route 1. will be more beautiful?
d. will route 2. be open in March-end?

We have to plan in such a way so that starting on 24th, we can stay 27th night (full moon) in Kalpa - to see moon rise over kinner-kailash.

e. we will cover sangla-kalpa-chhitkul ... which is the best place to see moon rise over snow capped peaks? is it Kalpa or anywhere else?

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