how to travel between Delhi-Shimla, Shimla-Manali, Manali-Amritsar and Amritsar-Delhi

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Hi guys,

As I had posted previously, I am going on my honeymoon with one more couple (also on their honeymoon) to Shimla and Manali.. Earlier I was also traveling to Dharamshala, but managed to cancel that booking and extend stay in Manali.. So now, I am going to be in Shimla for 3 days, and in Manali for 4 days.. I plan to reach Delhi from Ahmedabad by air/train, and from then onwards I have to plan my journey.. We also plan to visit Amritsar either on our way back from Manali, or at the beginning of our journey before going to Shimla.. So I need suggestion on this front as well.. So below are my specific questions:

1) Should I visit Amritsar before going to Shimla, in which case my itinerary would be - Delhi - Amritsar - Shimla - Manali - Delhi.. or should I visit Amritsar after Manali i.e. Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Amritsar - Delhi.. which will be convenient connectivity wise and travel wise..

2) How to commute between Delhi and Shimla.. I currently plan on hiring an Innova from Delhi (as we are 4 people) to Shimla.. any idea how much would this cost

3) How to travel between Shimla and Manali.. I was looking at HPTDC and HRTC bus options on their respective online booking websites, but couldn't locate a bus between these two places.. are there any good Volvo buses between these two locations? If not, how can one travel? If you suggest hiring a taxi, how much would that cost considering the fact that we would need an SUV type vehicle (Innova/Tavera)

4) How to travel between Manali and Amritsar.. ?

I will really appreciate your help on this.


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Please help me guys
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wow.. can't believe no one in IM forum is willing to help me
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hey Stranger,

first decide if u want to stay in Dharamshala or not?

as this of ur post is saying smother thing,

Dharamshala Staying option
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ok just been there 15 days back. if you prefer rail as i do delhi to shimla via kalka is a good option. get kalka mail around 9.30 pm from old delhi which will reach kalka at around 4.30 in the morning. hurry to he mini train booking counter and you can get a booking on the shivalik express 5hrs mini train to shimla ( Rs. 280 per person ) will get you to shimla at around 11.15 am
i stayed at Hotel Brightland at shimla but i do not recomment it because of their fraudulent nature. here is the reason

i travelled from shimla to manali and from there to dharamshla by taxi but deluxe bus and volvo are a good option as they travel by night saving you a days journey
stayed at hotel river view at manali (good place - tariff around 1100) and hotel pine valley at dharamshala(tariff around 1100)

taxis will charge per day i used a small vehiche (3 people) at 1500 per day SUVs should cost 1800 per day. talk to the taxi drivers themselves - not unions or hotels - if you bargain properly you can get a SUV for 1500 per day
(NET - no other charges)
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Delhi-Shimla can be done comfortably either by train or Volvo (HPTDC or HRTC). No need for Innovas.

Shimla-Manali also by Deluxe buses (no Volvo here) of HRTC or HPTDC.

From Manali, you can take either night bus to Chandigarh and then to Amritsar or proceed Manli-Dhramshala and thence to Amritsar. Perhaps there are direct options from Manali to Amritsar as well.
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Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

@Simpleparab - sorry mate, I had put up that post prior to my decision to stay in D'shala for few days. I was initially planning to do Manali - Amritsar, but then later realized that D'shala would be on the way and so decided to have a 2 day stop in D'shala.

@ntstatic - traveling between Delhi and Shimla via train was on cards for me earlier.. but not anymore.. because I am reaching Delhi early morning at 7:25 a.m. by Rajdhani.. and I want to reach Shimla latest by evening.. my check-in in Shimla hotel is at 2 p.m., so I ideally want to be there by 4-5 p.m. (or before if possible).. My friends told me that it is approx. 6 hrs journey between Delhi-Shimla by car, so even if I leave by 10 a.m. from Delhi, I should be able to reach Shimla at a decent time.. but ya, Shimla to Manali, I will have to fetch a taxi.. and as we are 4 people (2 couples), I think an SUV should be more comfortable than the Deluxe bus.. but I don't know how to pre-book the SUV.. and what are the going rates.. can you tell me how did you book the taxis? And regarding stay in D'shala, how was Hotel Pine Valley in terms of cleanliness, views of the valley, staff courtesy, etc.? As we are two couples on our honeymoon, I would ideally prefer a room which is clean and net, and with clean bathrooms.. (if I was a bachelor, or traveling alone, I wouldn't have bothered about all this.. but its different when you are on your honeymoon)

@vmehra - I will look into HRTC/HPTDC bus options once I reach Shimla, but I think if I get an SUV at a decent rate, I would prefer that only because it would be a little faster, and we can also have stoppages if someone is feeling hill-sickness.

Thanks again guys.


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As you mention this is your honeymoon not an expedition.
So why are u straining too much. You have 7 days ONLY so use it wisely and if visiting Amritsar is so important then skip Shimla.

If I were to do HP in 7 days

Day 1 : Come to Delhi, take a metro ride and visit India Gate. In late evening take a overnite train to Kalka.

Day 2 : reaching around 4.00 am to Kalka and then board Shivalik Express [Pre-booking is must] to Shimla leaving at 5.50 am, its an heritage route and take right hand side seat. You will remember it for ever. Reach Shimla around 12.00 and rest. In evening stroll on Mall road.

Day 3 : Do day tour to Chail/Naldhera/Kufri as you love.

Day 4 : Rest and enjoy Shimla in day time. Catch a late nite Bus/Car to Manali so u will reach Manali early morning.

Day 5 : Rest and evening visit Mall road.

Day 6 : Day tour to Rohatang Pass.

Day 7 : Local site like Hidimbha tmp, Beas river garden. Evening Bus/Car ride to New Delhi (16+ hrs).

Day 8 : Early morning reaching Delhi.

(If you reach early morning directly to Kalka skipping New Delhi then you can get 1 more day in Manali).

I know packing 2 much is wat we all want but remember traveling on mountain road is fun to eyes but curse to back.

And take rest else exertion will spoil all the fun of your Honeymoon.

Think and wishing you best of luck

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