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home stay or monastery stay

hi.. guess this may be my final post b4 i undertake the journey to McLeod Ganj! .. jst wanted to know, any one here experienced in staying at any of the monasteries in MG or a home stay... i might be in the area for over 3 weeks.

look fwd to hearing from you...

guess, my nxt post will be in MG. :)


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Hey Toby.. Did you get to stay in Monastry? Let me know if you did coz I am interested in staying in a Buddhist monastry for a month or so this June.
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Hi Toby, I just posted on the same topic here http://www.indiamike.com/india/himachal-pradesh-f29/stay-in-monastry-any-suggestions-t71021/
I hope the information is useful. Kirti Monastery is up the path by the temple just past Chonar House.
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Originally posted by: hotbacteria View Post

Hey Toby.. Did you get to stay in Monastry?
Toby last logged in in 2004, so don't expect a reply from him any time soon. :D

Fortunately, we have other helpful members as you have seen.

Welcome to IndiaMike!

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Ha ha that is really funny. I didn't bother to look at the date of his post!

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