Hatu Peak: a big time-saving trek destination

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For those who run short on time and do not have sufficient time to go trek on some deadlier and time consuming peaks and also for those who just have started trekking as a new hobby, the ultimate destination for you to trek is the "Hatu Peak", which is around 7-8 kms total uphill drive from the Narkanda town. For those who want to trek up the peak, you might have to walk around a kilometer of downward hill slope and around 4 kilometers of an upward hill trek to reach the peak.

It totally depends upon the stamina and endurance you have as to how much time will you take to reach the peak. For pro trekkers it would be more like a leisure uphill walk, an observance of nature, greenery and a marvelous view of surrounding mountain ranges.
For Beginners it would be a bit of challenge as this trek would call for a lot of stamina and a good level of your body fitness.

Dos and Don'ts:
If this trek expedition is started early morning after a good and filling breakfast, one needs to carry sufficient water, some food, sun-screen lotion and your camera of course
Don't carry heavy bags and just take all necessary stuff that you might require for a period of 4-5 hours at max.

On your way:
(April-November) While trekking up the hill, to the maximum you come across 60-70 degree steep slopes, lush green meadows, mud dwellings made by nomadic shepherds, two beautiful ridges and a pond strategically placed in middle of two ridges. This time of the year is considered quiet good and easy as the roads are clear and towards winter months even, one can easily manage trekking with that little chilling breeze.
At this time of the year the trekking does not stop if you thought so. The only difference that lies is, that the green meadows get snow laden, the nomadic houses are vacated as the shepherds move to the lower belts, the pond mentioned above turns out to be a layer of ice and the mountains around are all turned white because of the scanty snowfall. Trekking at that time becomes more of snow-mountaineering, and gets a little more adventurous than the normal spring and summer months.

Hatu Peak:
Hatu Peak is as high as 3400 meters and as a pro trekker i assure you on one thing that no matter how high were the peaks you conquered in your past, but reaching the top of Hatu Peak is one of the best feelings that you would always recall out of all your trekking experiences. The height is blessed with Hatu Mata's temple, where you can see one of the best wooden carvings in the new temple being constructed.
There is a Dead-end to the road and that end, ends with a gorge deep enough to scare a person who is normally not scared of heights.
The Peak has a beautiful hillock on top of it from where you can look around in all four directions and observe the beauty of nature at its ace.
There are 4 Cliffs on the hill top, and you might add a lot more to your adventure by climbing up these cliffs and look into the deep gorges around from the edge of the tops of all these cliffs.

Way Back to Narkanda:
On your way back you tend to get so immune to walking that it nearly takes just half the time of what you had taken while going uphill. During snow, coming back would not be a bed of roses, but if you are well equipped and well dressed it again won't bother you as much as it would normally in other cases do.

This trek expedition of your would call for a day as after completing your trek you might need a proper rest in order to rise up fresh in the morning ahead.

All those who all are interested in going to this place may at any time put forward your queries. I shall be obliged to help you with all sorts of information that i can

Gaurav Gautam
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and not to forget, you also get guides at Narkanda to guide you all through your trek
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Sheepdogs? Are they not a possible concern?
I saw them in Har-ki-doon in 1993 and we were warned by shepherds not to venture near their camps at night.
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Originally Posted by vmehra View Post Sheepdogs? Are they not a possible concern?
I saw them in Har-ki-doon in 1993 and we were warned by shepherds not to venture near their camps at night.
no that won't be a problem as usually people don't stay back for night camps, even if they do then it is really not advisable to set your tents near the herd as the ticks and other unscrupulous enemies (insects) might catch hold of you. And sheep dogs really don't harm you till the time they do not feel that the herd is endangered because of you.
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How long will it take to reach the peak for a couple of beginners?
And it would be very helpful if you could tell me the details like from where can we start and how to reach there. Thanks

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