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Mrdini May 27th, 2010 02:39

Delhi + Himalayan circuit in late June-July - advice wanted!

First off, my planned itinerary...
Leaving June 17th, return July 11th.

Day 1 arrive in Delhi
Day 2 Delhi
Day 3 Delhi
Day 4 (Morning) travel to Agra - fatehpur sikri
Day 5 Agra - go to Jaipur in evening
Day 6 Jaipur
Day 7 Travel to Delhi
Day 8 travel to Kalka/Shimla
Day 9 Shimla
Day 10 Shimla
Day 11 Himalayas (Sangla?)
Day 12 Himalayas (Sangla?)
Day 13 Himalayas (Kaza?)
Day 14 Himalayas (Kaza?)
Day 15 Himalayas (?)
Day 16 Manali
Day 17 Manali
Day 18 Dharamasala/Macleod Ganj
Day 19 Amritsar & Wagah
Day 20 Travel to Delhi

23 days
The above doesn't add up to 23 days because 1) I haven't finished! & 2) having a few days buffer is probably a good idea! Also, at the time of writing this, the road between Manali and Kaza's still closed! ( I was talking to a friend the other day who did a three weeks trek from Manali to somewhere near Dharamsala. Gorgeous pics too! As a result, I might look into doing a 2 days trek along the way - not yet sure when/where!

The Kalka/Shimla - Amritsar segments could conceivably be
reversed depending on recommendations.

So basically my questions are...
1) Is this a practical itinerary? What about the monsoon? (I have no idea what the monsoon in India's like although I'm somewhat familiar with torrential rain in SE Asia - bright sunshine one min, _HEAVY_ rain the next, then sun as if nothing happened. Is that what I can expect at this time of the year?)
2) Where would be the best place to consider doing a trek? Since I'm not too sure I'd have time for anything longer, I'm thinking of maybe a 2 days trek out of Manali?
3) Anything else I may have overlooked?

Many thanks in advance!

mridula May 27th, 2010 14:25

If I managed to reach Kaza I would spend more time in the Spiti region itself. The smaller villages around it are beautiful.

Mrdini May 27th, 2010 23:29


Originally Posted by mridula (Post 974726)
If I managed to reach Kaza I would spend more time in the Spiti region itself. The smaller villages around it are beautiful.

I looked up the Spiti valley in Lonely Planet and it does certainly sound nice - I'll see if I can't stay a little longer in that valley if I manage to get there! My concern is that if I were to do this itinerary anti-clockwise, and it turns out that the pass between Kaza & Manali's closed, I'd have to backtrack a very long way back, and go to Manali via Shimla?

mridula May 27th, 2010 23:42

There are two passes between Kaza and Manali. One is the Rohtang pass and the other Kunzum La. I read somewhere that Rohtang is already open, so you need to find about Kunzum now and confirm if Rohtang is open. :D

vasuki May 28th, 2010 14:40

Rohtang has opened but Kunzum is still off bound as of now

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