Alert: Don’t stay in Crystal Place hotel if you are planning to visit Shimla.
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Alert: Don’t stay in Crystal Place hotel if you are planning to visit Shimla.

Hi friends,

Recently I visited Shimla and I was staying Crystal Place hotel. If you really want to enjoy your stay in Shimla then you should not stay at Crystal place hotel.
I suggest all of you that Never ever thought of staying Crystal Place hotel due to following reasons.
1. Hotel web site: [url] is showing images of Deluxe room and other room, where in realty these rooms are very different from images. I should say, Deluxe rooms are worst. During the rainy season, water is leaking from roof. Due to this problems room will give bad smell. There is not a proper ventilation for Air in rooms.
2. Hotel employee will try to use every mean to put you expansive local tour.
3. Rooms are not very clean, bed sheets are not change every day.
4. You will not find Toilet Paper in Toilet.
5. Room service is very bad. Hotel employees will take hour to give their service.
6. If there will be a Power Cut, then you may stick in Lift for unknown amount of time. There is no power Backup plan as such available in hotel.
7. Location of this hotel is not good. If you want to go to Mall road then you need to go via LIFT which will cost you every time Rs. 14 per trip.

So I really do not see any reason to stay in such a hotel. Please share my experience with other so that no one should get trap with this Hotel.

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Agree on all counts

Why this shitty place is recommended in travel books, I cannot say.
Now is the time baby!
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We stayed in the Hotel Combermere last year, sounds like it's by the same lift. Anyway, the hotel was very nice and we didn't have to pay to use the lift.
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Really? Oh thanks for the review. I will get on it right away to change my hotel booking. Thats where we were staying Oct 9th-11th. Originally I had booked the fairlawn, but it seemed so non-indian and expensive, I cancelled it. Any other recommends?
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Not much on IM for hotel recommends In Kolkata and NONE on the lonely planet website. Whats up? Not a major destination I guess. Would be interested in a homestay.
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Ok, nevermind. I paniced before I read the whole post. Its in Shimla, not Kolkata, please excuse my ramblings. I bow out in silence. oops.

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