weapons of mass destruction

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All of us are familiar with WMD and the confrontation between George Bush and Saddam Hussein that could have landed into something much more serious – in fact, there were genuine apprehensions in certain quarters that we were heading for a War of no mean proportions. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and things quietened down. But, we have to learn to control the use of WMDs – we have got so used to these weapons that we do not hesitate to employ them to rid our surroundings of unwanted elements.

My readers must be surprised at the statements that I am making. If you come to think of it, not just WMDs but we are also experts in chemical warfare. Yes, I am not exaggerating. WMDs are interlinked with chemical warfare.

By now, eyebrows must have been raised to astronomical limits. Believe you me, all of us are so used to the practical applications that we do not think twice before using them. The advertisements compel us to go in for the liquids that emit gases when heated and result in bringing down all those flying creatures. Of course, there are no frogs to jump around and gobble up the irritants but they do come down and breathe their last in the corners of the rooms or kitchens. And, all the while people sleep in comfort ignoring the death throws of the victims.

Then there are the sprays – let loose a volley and those living beings flee for cover. The woman of the house tucks in the end of her saree in her waistband, chases them out of their hiding and closes in on the kill – the jingle goes ‘this is my home.’

You must have understood by now what my concept of WMDs is – the mosquito repellants, coils, sprays and all such contraptions that are powered by chemicals. They are necessary no doubt to prevent spread of diseases but the harmful effects on those who are exposed to them needs to be studied and made public. It is all right to advertise liquid repellants that can go on at a stretch for sixty days – how safe are they for the children or the aged folk?
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Another Great one, Sadhuji!A

Now, on a serious note, you made a valid point here. If you go through the small chit of paper they supply with the WMD with even smaller fonts, it virtually keeps the co. out of harms way, that is, if you harm yourself using it.
The thing we should get concerned about is the long term effect of exposure to those WMDs in smaller doses over a period of time.
Anybody from WMD...sorry...chemical industry?
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I get IT WMD = Weapons of Mosquito Destriction!
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Oh yes; India has turned me into a mass murderer.

I killed several thousand ants only yesterday
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Nick-H ...... I killed several thousand ants only yesterday
that is what i ask my wife every day - how many did you murder today?

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