Vicious Cycle - I want to get out but cannot

#1 May 27th, 2005, 10:20
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Hi everyone,

Its so so much satisfying to see a very healthy discussion about helath here...

Since u poeple have been into this for a long time and have experiences (may be both good and not so good); i would urge everyone to take a look at my case and then suggest/advice:

I have to reach my office usually by 9 am (at most 9:30 am) and ususally reach home in evening at sometimes 7 pm; sometimes 9:30 pm and the like. The job is very very demanding and competitive (as many people here are aware of that how tough work life has become these days). This means I almost daily feel exhausted mentally when i return home and this schedule is from Monday to saturday (sometimes even sunday).

I have ignore my health and have kept on gaining weight steadily and few weeks back I was surprised to know that I am 95 kgs from 75 kgs....I was shocked; felt like crying; angry on myself and a range of mixed emotions.

I decided then and there that I have to reduce my weight...

But inspite of my determination; will power and true desire; I am NOT able to exercise:


1. By the time I return from office; I feel so already tired that I have hardly any enthusiasm or energy or strength left in me to exercise. All i want is to eat something and lie down on bed.

I have exercised my strongest will power and and went out for walk few times (roughly two times or two days every seven days) when i returned from office at 7 or 8 pm; but again i could not walk for more than half an hour as i felt totally exhausted. Also after returning from office I feel so tired that i have hardly any energy left for anything; somehow i eat and then sleep.

All my motivation /strong will power/ toughness is not helping me when i return from office as bcz inspite of all these; when i return from office; I am almost like a dead man wanting to lie down on bed.

Leaving the job is not an option.

Also some of u may suggest me to exercise in the morning but again I have to get up as such at 6-7 am to be able to ready by 8 am as it takes an hour to reach office. I have tried to get up even earlier at 5 am so that I can exercise for one hour...BUT

a. I feel that its tough to get up at 5 am to exercise as bcz if i get up at 5 am; i feel less refresh and whole day at work/office is a bit challengeful as I feel sleppy.

b. Also a few times when i did get up and went for walking etc I was so tired that felt tired throughout the day at office.

I know I am caught in a vicious cycle but I must get out of it and dont know where to start and how?????

I would really appreciate for any suggestions and any comments; criticisms; opinions are more than welcomed.

Plz consider my exact situation as described while replying.

Thanks and best regards,

sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com
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I sympathise with your dilema, but this is the wrong place to ask for help. You need to see a doctor. Your weight gain is a serious matter, but to understand the reasons behind it you'll need professional advice, and you want to get in a face-to-face encounter, NOT from a forum dedicated to India and travel therein. Don't delay another day. The sooner you gain the knowledge about your situation the sooner you'll be able to take control of it. Good luck, and may you once again become a healty human being!
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Unfortunately the only way to have time is to make time. If being tired is really the problem, perhaps an afternoon nap is on order. Try eating 2 small meals in your morning and afternoon breaks, and spending your lunchtime having a short sleep. Perhaps this will help to releive your feelings of being too tired to do anything when you get home.

I think also with such limited time you need to think of a set of exercises you can do anywhere, eg situps, pushups skipping (if you have a little bit of room to work in) that way you can do them in any 5 minutes you have spare(eg @office). i know you feel that you don't have time to exercise in the morning but seriously this is important, spend 10 or 20 minutes doing simple exercises before you jump in the shower for instance.... you don't have to go to any big effort, do them in your pajamas.

Do you catch transport to work? Try catching it from a different place, somewhere you must walk for 5 or 10 minutes before getting on the bus/taxi. Or if you drive perhaps you can park somewhere not so close to work... forcing yourself to do 5 minutes walking before and after work.

Remember the more often you exercise the easier it seems, no need to slog it out for hours just start by trying to find 10 minutes spare 2 or 3 times a day!

I agree with iyou, you should probably seek advice as to the type of exercise you should do ... but even just getting started is of course better than nothing. Good luck, I hope this encourages you! Georgie
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PM me and I will send you an email addy of a friend who was in a similar situation as you are in. He might be able to give you some advise.
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#5 May 27th, 2005, 13:16
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Hi Sunandoghosh, sounds like you are in a bad way, but not ready to be rejected yet.

Here are some things to look at that will get you started.

A ~ Go to a Doctor and have some blood tests done as your blood sugars could be out of whack.
B ~ Look serious at what type of food you eat as there are foods suitable for heavy manual work, for lighter duties and for every day cruising. You don't mention the type of job but if you are eating typical Indian food which can be heavy in the carbohydrates, great for the farm worker but no good for the office wallah.
C ~ Tiredness can be caused by digestive troubles, blood disorders, stress - physical, mental or emotional; so look at your life as a whole and work out what is really going on.
D ~ Your protein intake may need lookingat as this can also be a cause of tiredness. For people that mediate a lot protein can make them sleepy but for people using a lot of energy during the day they require more protein.
E ~ The foods that you eat may be to high in sugars and you would do better having foods with a Low Glycemic Index. Essentially foods that give a slow release of energy rather than a quick fix. One good recomendation is to eat 2 apples per day, the results are interesting on the GI and heart.

Some links below to give an idea of foods and their GI rating.

Good luck and work does not have to be that difficult unless you want more than you should have, look for an easier job and be happy just being happy.
#6 May 27th, 2005, 13:48
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Originally Posted by xealot Do you catch transport to work? Try catching it from a different place, somewhere you must walk for 5 or 10 minutes before getting on the bus/taxi. Or if you drive perhaps you can park somewhere not so close to work... forcing yourself to do 5 minutes walking before and after work.
Use the same strategy with the elevators : donīt use them for going to that other office 3-4 floors above you, and start thinking of getting off a couple of floors before your work. Build it up gradually, taking one floor more every week, say. Once it getīs (too) easy increase your step length.

I stopped using elevators before my last trip , and never took it up again.

A dietician should probably comment on this , but Iīve also heard and the underlying reasoning seemed sound : eat little or no breakfast before having
your breakfast (bring a themos & sandwich breakfast with you) and don`t eat later than two hours prior to going to bed. The later is tougher ; I often find myself stressing thru evening shifts , feeling peckish and then when I eat I go bonk! in to coma.

You said you just want to lie down after work - how do you sleep at night ? . Try discussing your sleep patterns as well with your doc.
#7 May 27th, 2005, 14:27
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1. Join a gym
3. repeat

any questions?
#8 May 27th, 2005, 15:08
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If you can't do anything that has been suggested so far -

Just learn Kapaal Bhaati Pranayaam from any Yoga teacher or person who knows this or see it on Aastha Channel by Acharya Ramdev, and do it for 10-15 minutes a day.

You can do it anytime but not just after meals, you can do it even when you are sitting on your chair and doing any thing on your comp or writing etc, even in your toilet when your sitting on the pot.

You'll definitely get results in 2 months
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I really want to thank u each and everyone for being so considerate enough in coming forth with the suggestions...

from all ur replies i have gathered courage to go and visit the doctor...

thanks everyone...
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Originally Posted by vistet Iīve also heard and the underlying reasoning seemed sound : eat little or no breakfast before having
your breakfast (bring a themos & sandwich breakfast with you)
do you mean before having 'lunch'?

I definitely have to disagree. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. if you skip it, then you are more likely to snack on unhealthy foods during the day. moreover, your metabolism is going to be sluggish if you dont kickstart it in the morning.

hmm...I heard that if you want to affect your weight: 30% is about exercise and 70% is about what you eat.

try out the suggestions above, but really look at what you are eating and see how you can eat healthier.

drink lots of water btw
#11 May 27th, 2005, 15:49
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Agree with Kanbe - breakfast is v important to kickstart metabolism if you're trying to lose weight.
Apart from looking into how many calories you're eating, also check your vitamin/mineral intake. Lack of B vitamins (esp B6 and B12) can cause fatigue, as can iron deficiency, which is often a problem in vegetarian diets.
You didn't mention your diet at all, so none of us knows what/how much/how often you eat, but try reducing your bread/rice and replacing with fruit and vegetables. Also, if you have 3 large meals a day, reduce them to 6 smaller meals a day.
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#12 May 27th, 2005, 16:05
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yes i am trying to reduce both bread and rice and incorporating more fruits and vegetables....

but one thing u know what when i see that there is too much work pressure or i am too tensed...or too tired...eating helps me a lot...(i know its wrong)

so at times in order to be efficient in the work (atleast for the work at hand) i eat to continue working...

but yes i am carefully taking note of each and every point everyone is saying and am incorporating slowly one by one bit by bit...

also got an appointment for consultaion with a nutritionist and endocronologist for Monday evening....

thanks for being there with me and supporting me...trsut me its helping a lot...

god bless everyone of u...
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You may have read about this, but there was some new research on weight loss that found that people who "fidget" i.e., pace, stay standing, tap their hands, etc., are thinner because of this extra activity (the researchers figured worth about 350 calories a day, which over a long time is significant). Anyway, not that you can go in for a personality change (if applicable), but it has led to people thinking about the little things you can do to lose or maintain weight. If you can move around more at work, try to do so. It's sort of the same idea as taking the stairs or walking to a bus stand that is farther away, but on an even smaller level.

BTW, don't listen to anyone that says just "motivate" yourself. It sounds like you've got a stressful job situation and not a whole lot of time (stress will also obviously affect your diet). It's very hard to do traditional exercise, like going to a gym, in that kind of situation, so I wouldn't beat yourself up over not being motivated (though going to a doctor may be helpful).
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Thumbs up safe options

out of pure curiousity, i checked your profile - it does not give any indication about your age or profession. i presume that you have a table job - probably as a computer software specialist or something.

well, cutting down on food is not a solution. however, exercising is - like walking, climbing the stairs (instead of using the elevator) are some safe options.
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Take up yoga.

Live life to the full - you never know what's around the corner.

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