Varicose veins and biking to Leh
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Varicose veins and biking to Leh

I have varicose veins on my leg just below the knee. Ignored them till then but had a creeping doubt that they might prove troublesome with high altitudes and bike riding. So went to a surgeon who has advised a Doppler to detect DVT. Google is giving conflicting answers. Does anyone else have any advise based on experience

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And this is what I have to face everyday!! The google experts deemed to be more accurate than those who are actually supposed to know things, have experience in diagnosing and treating such cases in real time!
I usually ask them to continue treatment from the same source, very politely..
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I had a Doppler test to find out the flow of the blood (was O.K),it was done in a hospital. Have no idea how Google does that test, diagnose and tell the results - for that you must ask Google :rolleyes:
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I got the Doppler done. Didn't get the physical report so couldn't meet the doc. The radiologist said veins in the leg are ok but there are some issues at the junction and hence surgery might be needed.
Let's see what happens. Can anyone share their experiences related to varicose veins and follow up.
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I would wait till the test is anylized by the doctor. He will give you the the information from the test. The doctor will shurely advise you what options are. Good luck.
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I too have vericose veins on my right leg and got the tests done. It showed that though there is no block at the moment but I was told if I am not going to pay attention to it then it may turn serious. I wear tight stocking till the knee which indeed helps a lot and I am taking homeopathy medicines. So far, it's fine.
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