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Study yoga & Ayurveda India

Hello everyone this is my first post and I am very happy to have found this site! :)
I am looking for reputable place to learn about yoga (asanas, theory, meditation, as traditional as possible) for one month or 4 weeks - i do not wish to teach afterwards as I realise I would need much longer , but to to have a deeper understanding whilst also practicing the art whilst studying is my goal.
I would also like to study Ayurveda on an introductory level so that I may better understand and practice it in my lifestyle for the health of my family and I. - I am considering to study as Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant (like a coach / assistant in Australia), which is the highest level training available here in our country.. I would like to study introductory Ayurveda in India as i feel i will get a lot more information/ quality than in this country! I am looking for three months course for this but am open to longer.
For bith studies I am looking for Indian government recognised ashrams/ schools so I may apply for student visa as I believe this is necessary for this travel style.
Looking for recommendations- best areas for both studies - reputable schools/ ashrams- information- ideas- all helpful and welcome as although I practice in my lifestyle I am new to studying them and have not been to India before:)
I understand to oractice Ayurveda is a long deep study time so am looking for introductory course to use as foundation for understanding /further studies.
Thank you so much !! Namaste

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I am considering Kerala for Ayurveda and Rishikesh for Yoga - as have been recommended these .. What are thoughts on these areas for these practices? And what would be beat way for single woman to travel from far north to far south?
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For learning traditional Yoga and Ayurveda you can consider this Ashram. It is near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and has a structured approach. Check out the information in the website and decide if it suits you.
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Can you recommend books on yoga?
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Originally posted by: Oniestorme View Post

Can you recommend books on yoga?

Suggest books by BKS Iyengar. He has written a few books and this book
Light on Yoga: The Classic Guide to Yoga by the World's Foremost Authority
is good
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For Ayurveda read this post

Read also my other long post on that thread further down as well as the posts of others there.

Before following the advice there and traveling to India buy the books of Vasant Ladh, Frawley and Svoboda and study them at home. They contain everything you would be presented with in an expensive course. Courses in India are mostly useless because their style is confrontational, not collaborative and definitely not explanatory. Don't waste money or time on them.

Instead read those books and use them as companions while working at the side of some practitioner, carefully selected.

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