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Very new to this forum and have tons of questions. The most pressing issue for me concerns an opportunity to travel to New Delhi in late May. I am looking on a map and it looks very close to the Pakistan border and Kasmir. So, my question concerns my safety as a US tourist in New Delhi and possible tour to where Taj Mahal is. How safe is it and should I have any concerns? I am also interested in knowing who may have taken the minimal amount of inoculations and/or medications for travel. I have allergies and it will be very hard on my body to take large amounts of anything. I am considering just malaria meds and hep a shot. Look forward to responses asap!! Thanks!!!!

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Hi Sifters,
Welcome to the forum

Lately safety has been one of our most frequently asked questions.
Yes, it's perfectly safe. I spent Dec/Jan/Feb there and had no problems whatsoever. It's safe until it becomes unsafe (I heard that somewhere and it sounds good). Many of our members are in India right now and I am sure if there was any problem with safety they would report on it.

About medicines and stuff----personally I don't get them, others may argue against that, because of your condition with allergies I wouldn't worry about them. As long as your sticking to the popular tourist destinations you should have no problems. No shots are required to enter the country.

Also shots and pills are expensive and the money could be spent on something better.

Hope this helps.

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Don't worry about saftey . But in May is Summer & off season for the forgien tourist but obiviously you will find some Tourist there.

You may stay in Delhi & make day trip to Agra ( Tajmahal ) by car or by train. Satabdi express is best for Agra.

You may make tour Delhi- Jaipur- Agra. It's very populer destination for Forgien tourist.
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I did get shots before coming to India, but for a short trip it's probably not required. The Twinrex (hep A & B for 10 years) is a good one, but it's expensive. Typhoid and tetnis are pretty standard.

As for malaria meds it's up to you. I was taking some here but after a month or two I stopped as it didn't seem necessary. Been here five months thus far. Just bring some good bug spray and cover up in the later afternoon when the mozzies come out.

Delhi may look close to the Pak border but it's a world away, as India and Pak are long time enemies. Taj Mahal will be crazy-busy even off-season I suspect, and there will be a 1001+ touts trying to lead you astray or become your guide. Just watch your moneybelt in that area, there are always a few pickpockets and I've been "felt up" by one there in the past...
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Safe, as far as it goes

Well, I don't know - with crazed/suicidal/heart-attacked pilots flying light 'planes into the Pirelli building in Milan is anwhere safe??

You would be exceptionally unlucky to get malaria on what I presume is a month or less in India. Just follow the common sense rules of keeping covered after sunset, net on the bed (or one of those heated mats you plug in) and you'll be fine. I took anti-malarials scrupulously when in Indonesia and still got malaria! Since then I haven't bothered, and not only has the malaria not been a problem, I've avoided the dreadful headaches which can be one of the side effects of Chloroquine (Larium is even more spectacular I'm told).

The Hep A might be worth considering, though (or combination A+B shot as Picklepak says), as it is only three shots for ten years of protection - an investment if you are thinking of going again to Asia within that period. I thought it was worth having as I'm often in places in the hills with questionable hygiene. Not sure about any adverse reactions from this one.

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