Neem Leaf - The Primary Intestinal Protector

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In my earlier years of India there was a nearly constant low level lower intestinal elimination.

Back around 2010 I found IndiaMike and did some searching and the range of suggestions included neem, tulsi, probiotics, Swedish bitters and a few others.

After years of testing the most important supplement by far is neem leaf (get the ground version in capsules such as Organic India)

Start at least 7-10 days before heading over.

All of the above are great additions but its the neem that is the real kicker

I started off with all of the above every day and over the years its down to neem and probiotic.
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To paraphrase an esteemed poster here anecdote is not data. However, I am one of the first offenders..
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Originally Posted by WyoFly View Post I started off with all of the above every day and over the years its down to neem and probiotic.
The next step[s] would be to cut those out. Unless you tune it all back to the point where that ole low level lower intestinal elimination ( ) actually starts again, then, no, you don't have a really good anecdotal case. Although your genetic twin with identical experience exposure is a great control.

Cynical? Moi?

Well yes... and no, because there is no harm in trying it*. It is one of those things that is reputed to be good for so many things. Here's my current neem anecdote:

I was prepared to believe that burning neem leaves might have repelled mosquitoes a hundred years ago, but hey, those things get resistant to everything, right, so is it likely to work today? Nope. But it is my recent experience that it does. And also, whilst my lungs kick up a painful fuss at breathing almost any kind of smoke, and even sniffing a few smells, they do not mind neem-leaf smoke at all.

So burn it, burn it, to keep them mossies away. And while you're at it, eat some before exposure to dodgy street food and ice cream in a place that looks like it sells one portion a week. If it passes these tests then, truly, never mind biotic, it has given you a bionic digestive system. But don't forget the control experiment!

*As far as I know. Remember the vast amounts of Comfrey we consumed for, well... everything? Until it was found to be possibly carcinogenic.
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