Malarone or Cloroquine/Proguanil

#1 Jun 24th, 2004, 18:36
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Dear all,
I am again on the matter MALARIA. I went to the local doctor and he prescribed me Cloroquine + Proguanil. The first one pill one week before leaving and then one a week the second two pills a day, all the therapy to be continued one month after getting back!!! Gosh..and I am staying in India just for 10 days!!! I have heard good things on Malarone. Can anyone who took it drop me a line? I am a bit worried of side effects...but at least the therapy seems not so long!!!Any advice??


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#2 Aug 23rd, 2004, 19:34
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Go with the advise of the Doctor. We have been advised Cloroquine + Proguanil again this time, our last trip was in 1997, so I guess the medical profession still think these are the most suitable for India.
#3 Aug 23rd, 2004, 19:58
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I can't remember which, but one of those two tastes absolutely disgusting. You just can't swallow it fast enough. I think it was the weekly one, I ended up wrapping the pill in a piece of cigarette paper just to get it down without gaggng. If you have some vitamins in capsules maybe open the capsules and empty them and put the pills in to swallow, if necessary.
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cloroquine+proquanil seem's the one. Have taken them myself with no side affects at all !!! on the last trip met a german who had been takeing malarone,he had bad side affects ,stopped taking them and went down with malaria!!!!.A small benefit where the days printed on the side of the blister pack, helped keep track of the days Good travelling and have fun.
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I've used chloroquine/proguanil a few times now with no side-effects whatsoever. I know it's not pleasant to think you have to take them for so long, but I think following your Doctor's advice is best - and as I say I've never had a problem with them and nor has anyone else I know. As far as I am aware malarone is not suitable for use in India as I too had asked about it.
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Here'es some info and links
Not all the tablets go well with other medications, ie. blood pressure.

found it
#7 Nov 19th, 2004, 05:51
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Just to be clear, Malarone is the brand name drug that contains two active ingredients, atovaquone (250 mg)and proguanil (100 mg).

Proguanil is also available in several other forms such as Paludrine in the UK. Your basic choice between the proguanil/atovaquone combo in Malarone and the proguanil/chloroquine combo (you buy each separately).

The FDA has apparantly decided that the Malarone combination is more effective and that is what is 'approved' in the States. Everyone else seems to think that the proguanil/chloroquine combo is just dandy. Since the Malarone is so expensive, I choose the latter. I had to buy it in India since I can't buy it in the States. It was hard to find- I have another post with detail on finding it in Delhi:
#8 Nov 19th, 2004, 07:05
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Have used the Chloroquine and was quite able to swallow it. Still, it is considered much less effective now..
#9 Nov 19th, 2004, 07:28
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There is no telling how you'll respond. i got sick as a dog on chloroquin and proguanil and after 2 weeks of vomiting I gave it away altogether and went with a net at night and DEET. Everyone responds differently, just give it a go and see I guess.
#10 Nov 19th, 2004, 08:45
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From what people tell me here that is very much the case with no one size fits all measure..
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Originally Posted by edwardseco Have used the Chloroquine and was quite able to swallow it. Still, it is considered much less effective now..
Could it be that the prescription depends on where one initiates the journey of national interests?

In Canada the recommended anti-malaria drug seems to be LARIUM (Mefloquine 250mg tablet one per week, continue for four weeks after return from malaria area).

Other recommended drugs are:
1)Malarone (atovaquone/proguanil)
2)Primaquine for special cicumstances;

All probably equally acccchhhh.....
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I also live in canada and my doctor (who is specialized in travel medecine, like yours i hope... ) also recommended Larium. Said that in 99% cases where it caused Psychosis previous mental problems occured. So seems to me that if you have a good medical/mental history ( no axiety crisis and stuff), there will be no problems at all. I myself consider myself sane, so i think i'll go with Larium. And it's much less expensive. (5 bucks a pill but once a week).

Just my two cents.

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