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Thanks for that, Caffiend. That pretty much confirmed my suspicions, really.
I'll keep a close eye on the media nearer the time but I reckon I'll still be going.
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I posted this in an earlier Kashmir thread:

Kashmir is a big place--the Valley and Srinagar are different from Leh, which is different from Jammu. There is no answer to the question, Is Kashmir safe?

When you read about violence in Kashmir in the news, it usually takes four forms--an exchange of mortar fire along the Line of Control in the north near Kargil; counter-insurgency operations by the Indian army in remote villages; a gun battle or grenade tossed into a market in or around Srinagar; an attack on an Indian army facility or transport.

None of this would really affect a tourist in a houseboat on Dal Lake. This is not to say that your safety is guaranteed--just that, as the violence has steadily declined and some form of normalcy has taken hold, you are safer now as tourist than you have been in about 20 years.
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Thank you for the additional comments. Caffiend, could you say a little more about why staying on a houseboat was weird. My plan is to take a take a taxi from the airport to the Srinagar Tourist Reception Center and then set about finding a houseboat on which to stay for a few days. I know it sounds daft but I also hope to cycle round Lake Dal.
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I fly end of May to Delhi.
I meet a friend there and will travel to Srinagar with her and her boyfriend.
He is from Srinagar.
My Friend was already last autumn in Srinagar with her friend.
She felt very safe there and made many excursions to the surroundings.
She dreams of the beauty of the landscape etc.
I am curious about what expects me.

The travel books of the last years don't give much.
Our tourist information office still warns before journeys to J&K.
The Indian J&K tourist information office and all Kashmiris I know extols
J&K: "You can feel safe around Srinagar" .... I hope these don't only say this because tourists take money to the country!!

As soon as I will feel unwell in Kashmir (better: around Srinagar) due to the armed forces presence or similar, I travel to HP or Ladakh.
I was in Ladakh and HZ last summer.
Although the armed forces presence was enormous in Ladakh, however mor or less only in the many armed forces camps between the villages.

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