Ice... to trust or not to trust....

#1 Aug 4th, 2004, 11:38
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Last year I was in Peru and we had many drinks with ice.
The restaurants assured us that they used purified water.
We had no problems. Sick customers do tell others of their
ills and of course this is not good business.

I know it depends on the place, but is it common for the
well known restaurants to serve ice from purified water?
5 weeks with kids and no ice in the lassi would be hard for me

Can anyone clue me in?? I also don't want sick kids.....

Any recommendations out there??
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In general ice is made out of un-treated or semi-treated water. There is a firm (in Mumbai at least) which supplies what they call "pure ice". I think the firm itself is called "pure ice". They sell semi-ellipsoids of ice to big establishments etc. some of the five stars buy this ice. Where you get this peculiar semi-ellipsoid ice, assume that it is "this" "pure ice"..... or you can actually ask at the restaurant/hotel. If you happen to be staying in a five star hotel, you can make your own ice in their refrigerator. Otherwise, its quite chancy.
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It should be remembered that most of the water in India is drinkable
So QED the Ice is safe
Obviously if you're on a 2-3 week visit it may be best to avoid but if you're doing a long trip then your body builds up immunities and the water is relatively Ok

Yes i speak from experience on drinking the water
However I would never drink it during monsoon.
In the dry season the water is fine in many areas

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