I highly recommend this product (no I am not being paid)
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I highly recommend this product (no I am not being paid)


The Neilmed nasal rinse not only is an improvement over the traditional neti pot, after it should replaced, it is a perfect travelling tool for cleaning the other -nus. Not the sinus.

I don't always travel with the packets. Sometimes I just carry bicarbonate of soda and salt-- which, if not in the original packaging, sometimes raises eyebrows at Customs.

I think this is the perfect adaptation of a yogic tradition. Since the interior of the nose is the only avenue of a sense that connects *directly* with the brain, I think keeping one's noise and sense of smell intact is valuable. Research has suggested that a sign of moving towards dementia is the declining sense of smell. Hence the 'peanut butter test'. Keep it alive!

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A teaspoon of mustard or horse-radish does the trick for me.
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1969 book that got me started on similar

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