Hemp Oil in India
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Hemp Oil in India

Hello IM'ers. I am planning a trip to Rajasthan in Late December of 2017 (5th time to visit India)

My wife is traveling with me. She is epileptic and has seizures. She currently uses hemp oil that contains a compound called CBD, that helps manage stress, and therefore reduces seizures. Am I permitted to bring this product into India? It contains no THC (or a nominal amount). If I am stopped by customs, would they just throw it out if it is illegal, or would it be a serious issue?

A side note, when we went to Goa a few years ago, she did not use this product, but I think the nice pace of life at the beach helped her not have seizures while we were there.

Thank you for you input.

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Bringing Prescription Medicine and Traveling with prescription medications into India. Presume doctors letter with list of medicines would be advisable . As far I remember we have never been queried about pills that we have taken to India. Hope it helps.

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